The Questionable 2013 Rookie Class Of The New York Giants

By Brandon Houser
May 17, 2013 5:15 pm
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Justin Pugh After winning Super Bowl XLVI the New York Giants entered the 2012 season with high hopes of repeating.

As we all know that did not happen and left a bitter taste in some Giants fans mouths.

Here are the rookies that Giants management has signed to get their team back in the playoffs in 2013 and possibly another Super Bowl matchup with the New England Patriots.

New York Giants 2013 Rookie Class

Draft Picks

1st Round: Justin Pugh, Offensive Tackle

2nd Round: Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle

3rd Round: Damontre Moore, Defensive End

4th Round: Ryan Nassib, Quarterback

5th Round: Cooper Taylor, Safety

7th Round: Eric Herman, Offensive Guard

7th Round: Michael Cox, Running Back


Undrafted Rookie Free Agents

Charles James, Cornerback

Jeremy Wright, Running Back

Alonzo Tweedy, Safety

Charleus Dieuseui, Linebacker

Etienne Sabino, Linebacker

Marcus Davis, Wide Receiver

There were some questionable picks in the 2013 Draft and the Giants had one of the most questionable when they drafted Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. It's not like he will see any playing time anytime soon. Eli Manning is one of the most consistent and durable quarterbacks in the league.

On the positive side of things, the Giants addressed their needs on the defensive side of the ball after ranking 25th against the rush and 28th against the pass in 2012, by drafting defensive end Damontre Moore and safety Cooper Taylor.

General manager Jerry Reese and coach Tom Coughlin also addressed their lackluster running game by drafting UMass running back Michael Cox in the 7th round and signing Jeremy Wright as a rookie free agent. Cox is a big running back standing at 6'3" and 214 pounds, and should have no problem getting on Coughlin's radar as a feature back.

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By Brandon Houser
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2 years ago
woodson would complete the team.
2 years ago

As a Cowboys fan I hate dealing with the Giants from year to year. Much respect to Coughlin, and yes Woodson would fit great on this team. Thanks for reading.
2 years ago

Nah the Giants already have 3 great safties so Woodson would never sign here. The Giants would pay him league min then make him try to beat out the other guys. Besides we need to save money we almost have Cruz done around 8 Million last time I checked and still need to get a deal done with Nicks before next season. I would rather lock up our top 2 WR's long term before bringing in an aging vet. If we went out and got a aging Vet I would rather take Abraham or Urlacher. Tuck has played like crap the last 2 years and MLB has been an issue since 09.
2 years ago

Nice to hear about Cruz. He is exciting to watch. Wodson might have to drop his demand on money if he wants to play. Thanks for reading.
2 years ago

woodson also play's corner.
2 years ago

I'm starting to wonder if there is something more wrong with Woodson than just a high dollar paycheck he demands.
2 years ago
Given the haul for JAGs like Kevin Kolb, why was a 4th round flyer on Nassib questionable? It will only take one good appearance for Reese to turn him into multiple useful picks.
2 years ago

I don't think Nassib is all the 4 letter network made him out to be. Besides after the Kolb and Cassel messes teams should stay away from backup QBs that have a few good games under them. Thanks for reading.
2 years ago

Scott Mitchell. Matt Flynn. Frank Reich. Rob Johnson. As long as these guys look like they might be able to get it done, teams will be willing to risk it. The potential value of a franchise quarterback is to great.

Also, everyone at Giants OTAs right now is saying Nassib looks outstanding. Command of the huddle, great touch, etc.
2 years ago

Don't get me wrong I think Nassib will be a good backup to Eli but not that Championship QB. It just seems like every time a backup gets traded to be a starter they bust.
2 years ago

I agree, that's why it's good for NY. They will get to let him show flashes, then trade him for more assets than they gave up for him.
2 years ago

When you look from the money side I agree there. It's one big racket with the way the player value/money is designed.
2 years ago
Would have liked to see a little (a lot) more info on some of these picks, especially if you believe them to be suspect.

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