Manning Broncos

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos have won 17 consecutive regular season games and they have not been tested at all. Manning and his crew have not not only been beating team but they have been dismantling them and taking no prisoners.

However there is a formula to beating Manning, even with rules designed to help the offense, if your team can do these three things they can beat Manning and the Broncos. To win a team has to disguise coverages, jam receivers, and get pressure Peyton.

1. Disguise Coverage: Understand to beat a master and student of the game as Peyton is, you can't tip off your coverage. Manning checks and rechecks at the line of scrimmage while calling out his plays. If he sees what defense you are in he knows where the ball is going and who has the best matchup.

The reason why the Patriots and Ravens had so much success against Manning in his career is because they went base coverages and faked audibles which would confuse Manning and his receivers. Staying in a base is one thing but you can't position your body a certain way or twitch a finger wrong because Manning will notice and discet what you are doing and it could mean sick.

Your team's defenders must not tell where they are going until the very last second, then and only then can you force Manning into a mistake. Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are the guys who had the most success at this.

2. Jam, Oh, Jam: It amazes me that even with the five yard cushion DB's are given, none of them routinely knock Wes Welker off his route. 

The Broncos offense is predicated off timimg, so you disrupt the receivers timing it will disrupt Manning as well. Welker has to be laying on his back right at the snap off the ball, he can't get those little intermediate routes and turn them up field for huge gains. 

Time and time again, the Broncos receivers run free off line and have some cushion to work with, this puts defenders at a disadvantage. Peyton is a creature of habit and if you give him free receivers, running their route at the correct time, it is basically game over. Bump and run and doing your best to reroute the receivers is your teams best shot at winning against Peyton.

3. Under Pressure: Earlier this season the Broncos lost starting left tackle Ryan Clady. Clady, who had not missed any games in six year career until this season, protected Manning's blind side.

If there is an area that you can attack Manning it should be on that side with the backup offensive tackle. Plus, the more mobile you make Peyton, the less accurate he tends to be. Manning likes a clean pocket, like most quarterbacks, but making him move out of the pocket at least ups your chance that the pass will be incomplete or an interception.

This is not a slam on his athleticism but just looking at his overall history, Peton is not nearly as accurate on the run as he is in the pocket.

This is the prescription to defeat one of the greatest quarterbacks in the National Football team. You have to diguise, jam, and pressure Peyton Manning for 60 minutes. What teams do you believe can implement this formula and beat Peyton?