The NFL's 5 Worst Coaches Of 2012

By Joshua McFalls
December 29, 2012 8:13 am
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Head coaches in the NFL have hard jobs. They are brought in to help out a team, make unity among the players and start winning games. We all know who the obvious top coaches are in the NFL but what about the ones at the bottom of the barrel?

How do these coaches stack up against everyone else? The following five coaches have failed in their attempts to steer their respective teams in the direction they want to go. As a result most of these teams will be in rebuilding mode in the offseason.

Without further ado, here are the five worst coaches in the NFL.

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By Joshua McFalls
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The subject was Five coaches, but #1A should be Jim Schwartz of Detroit. Lots of talent, zero results.
2 years ago
I don't know about that. To me Schwartz seems to make a little more effort to actually win games. He just comes up short too often.
2 years ago
I offer you a second opinion that might explain Lovie and this year. Lovie just might have gotten more out of a B- team (with questionable talent), allowing him to beat other B and C teams early in the year. Lovie has never been the offensive mind, and has surrounded himself with B talent coodinators. Another year for Lovies' new weapons and new coodinator, will reveil where the bears really are. I also have faith in Emery.
So to sum this up for you. Lovie coaching = B, the talent that Lovie has around him = B-, Opponents for the first 7 wins = C to B-, average output of a first year offensive coodinator, with B- talent = B-, Faith in new GM to improve things next year = A+.
2 years ago

I hear you and I agree. At the same time, there is some blame to be assessed for letting a 7-1 record turn into an 8-7 record. Jay Cutler's injury cannot be the reason why. People look to the coaching staff. B- coordinators are still enough to keep a team from completely derailing.
2 years ago
Disagree with the list, Romeo Crennel and Jim Schwartz belong on this list instead of Mularkey of Jax--whose in his first season. MJDrew holding out didn't help team or himself since he's been injured shortly after returning and has not been any kind of dependable player. Schwartz has had the talent, players to challenge both Pack and Bears in division as Lions did last year, he's not made good decisions this season and it shows. I don't know why Crennel is still in KC, the team has become worse this season than last--surprised they didn't make changes last season in KC.
2 years ago

I thought about putting Crennel on this list but decided that Mularkey was worse off. Crennel is only through his first full season. He coached what, half a season last year as the interim coach? His overall coaching ability and talent around him, I believe, is better than Mularkey. Watching how close the Chiefs play their games, I see more motivation and determination from Crennel than I do from Mularkey.

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