Roger Goodell

There are a lot of people who make the National Football League work.  From Roger Goodell to the guy walking the steps selling you beer.  Each one of these men have an impact on the League today.  Some are administrators, some are owners, some are even referees.  But, most are players who have helped shape this sport into the most popluar one in the United States.


Roger Goodell                   NFL Commissioner

The NFL’s wardon.  Policing the masses of the NFL and fining anyone who makes a tackle.  Welcome to the National Tag League.  Goodell is like a crazy principal in high school, suspending anyone who steps out of line, and that is actually a good thing.  Going on a witchhunt with the Saints, that blew up in his face, should not have been more important that having a contract with the referees.

DeMaurice Smith             Executive Director of the NFL Players Association

During the lockout in 2011, DeMaurice Smith showed that he had some brass balls going up againt the NFL.  All he did was help negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the 2011 season, ending the lockout and saving the season all together.


Jerry Jones                         Cowboys Owner

Jones is still huge to the game.  Spending all that money and getting nothing out of it, except a very large Stadium.  But he does know how to build a quality team, he just needs to find quailty leadership to run it, like a General Manager.

The Spanos Family                           Chargers Owner

I put Spanos family on here because the Chargers may not be in San Diego for much longer.  If they don’t get a new stadium, then look for them to relocate.  Where you might ask?  Well they are building a state of the art stadium in beautiful downtown Los Angeles. 

Dan Rooney                       Steelers Owner

The name Rooney has been a part of the Steelers, since they were called the Pirates.  Two Super Bowls wins in the past decade make him a pretty influential owner.  From 2009 to 2012 he was also the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland.  Ever hear of the Rooney Rule? This man made the push for it.


The Harbaugh Brothers                 Coaches

Harbowl, I mean that’s all I really have to say.  Jim and John are probably the two best coaches in the NFL today.  Sorry Bill and Sean.  These are the only coaches to make the list, due to the fact that coaches don’t last very long anymore.


James Harrison levels Colt McCoyJames Harrison                 LB           Steelers

He is Roger Goodell’s poster child for what not to do.  Harrison’s fines could fund a small country.  Harrison should have been named the MVP of Super Bowl XLIII because had he not returned that interception 100 yards right before halftime, they would have lost that game.

Richard Sherman              CB           Seahawks

The Mouth is here, and he backs it up.  He’s not afraid to stalk smack to Tom Brady or even Darrelle Revis.  You mad bro?

Peyton Manning              QB          Broncos

Duh!  I mean, come on.  Even after a career threating neck injury, Peyton Manning came back with a vengeance.

Adrian Peterson               RB           Vikings

Duh! Part II.  Just like Peyton, Adrian Peterson made a huge comeback from a torn ACL and almost broke Eric Dickerson’s season rushing record.

Tom Brady                          QB          Patriots

Five Super Bowl appearances, three wins and a hot model wife.  How come no one knew about this guy back in 2000?  All he’s done is win two MVPs and made eight Pro-Bowls.  Not bad for the 199th pick.

J.J. Watt                               DE           Texans

J.J. "Swatt" is right now, one of the best defensive players in the league.  From delivering pizzas to destroying NFL quarterbacks.  Watt was named the 2012 Defensive Player of the Year after racking up 20.5 sacks and knocking down 16 passes at the line of scrimmage

Russell Wilson                   QB          Seahawks

No one expected a 3rd round pick like Russell Wilson to become an opening day rookie starting quarterback who leads his team to the playoffs.  Just ask Matt Flynn.  Just ask any Chicago Bears fan who was at Soldier Field on December 2, 2012.

Calvin Johnson                  WR         Lions

Megatron broke Jerry Rice’s single season reception record in 2012.  He might just be the only receiver in the game today that has a chance to break any of Jerry Rice’s other records.  Ok, maybe Larry Fitzgerald too, if he can actually get a good quarterback.

Arian Foster                       RB           Texans

Undrafted out of the University of Tennessee, this young man exploded on the scene in 2010 and hasn’t slowed down since.  All he’s done in his four seasons is rush for 4,521 yards and 44 touchdowns.

Colin Kaepernick              QB          49ers

The Surprise of the NFL in 2012.  After replacing an injured Alex Smith, all this kid did was lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl.


Mel Kiper                            Draft Guru

In 1994 Colts GM Bill Tobin was critized for drafting Trev Albert; a linebacker from Nebraska, Tobin’s response was “Who the hell is Mel Kiper?” With more grease in his hair than an order of French fries, Mel Kiper has made a huge name for himself as a NFL Draft analyst.  Oh and Mel Kiper was right about Trev Albert, he lasted three seasons in the NFL.

Dr. James Andrews & RGIII’s knee           Famous Knee Doctor

This is the man who is in control of RGIII’s destiny.  He claimed to have not cleared Griffin to play in the playoff loss to the Seahawks where RGIII blew out his knee.  He is also one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the United States.

Ed Hochuli


Phil Knight and Nike

It already cost a family if four nearly $500 to go to an NFL game.  Then on top of that, the fans have to pay $100 for a replica jersey, $40 for a hat and $45 for a t-shirt.  The fans are getting ripped off and now that Nike has joined with the NFL, don’t ever expect prices to ever drop.

John Madden                    Video Game

Madden is no longer in the broadcast booth, but his name is still on the number one selling NFL video game of all time. 

Ed Hochuli                           Referee

You might say, “A Ref, come on!”  But how bad did we miss this man at the beginning of last season.  I rest my case.