The NFL's 15 Biggest Disappointments of 2012 So Far

By Justin Henry
October 26, 2012 10:18 pm
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Maybe they were great in 2011, but not so much in 2012. Maybe there was much buzz about this player, or players, headed into the season.

Whether it's via injury, being an ill-fit, bad coaching, or some other obstacle, the players in the following slideshow have yet to reach their potential during this 2012 season.

Perhaps by year's end, some, if not many, of the athletes listed here will right their ship, get their act together, and play the way their fans, and many experts, had projected.

But until then, they're disappointments, and here's a list of the NFL's worst offenders.

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2 years ago
Eagle's defense was a disappointment last year too, even this year they have their moments of brilliance, but mostly its been jun since Castillo was never a defense coach to begin with.
2 years ago
Matthews was overrated to begin, so calling him a disappointment this year isn't much of a stretch. He still has ball security issues, even in his best year last year, and he's nowhere near the gamebreaker that the departed RBs the Chargers had in the last decade were.
2 years ago

That didn't stop everyone from taking him by round 2 or 3 in fantasy. I've found him overrated from the start.
2 years ago
I'm still amazed you were able to stop at 15.
2 years ago

Had to leave a few people off that I'd considered, including David Wilson, who fell behind Andre Brown, despite the disparity of their journeys to the league. Also thought about the Titans defense, since they had a great bend-but-don't-break system in 2011.
2 years ago

Patriots defense could easily be here; they lead the league in giving up plays of over 20 yards. They have blown late leads 3 times to lose games the offense had basically won.
2 years ago
Patriots D wasn't exactly expected to be anything great.

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