Drew Brees The New Orleans Saints has been through so much last season with the whole “Bountygate” allegations and are just ready to put it behind them.

The NFL and Roger Goodell didn’t have any pity for the former Super Bowl winning team when they found out that they were involved in such activities.

The New Orleans Saints were treated unfairly as the punishments were handed down to where their head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the whole season without pay.

With all of the investigations that went on, many questions weren’t answered and Goodell just seem to stall throughout the year.

I’m not saying the New Orleans Saints were innocent in this whole thing but things could have been handled much better. That played a major part in the lack of success last season with the Saints.

Drew Brees still played phenomenally and put the team on his back with more record numbers. But there is so much that only one great player can do. He was calling many of the plays that Payton would call on the sidelines. But we know in sports you can’t replace a great coach.

Now with a below average 7-9 season behind them and coach Sean Payton back on the helm as he was reinstated in February, things are definitely looking bright for the “Who Dat” team. Many experts called the 2012 fiasco before it happened and knew they weren’t going to be successful because of this controversy.

This positive attitude that the New Orleans Saints have taken has brought the city together as they’re looking forward to 2013. Nobody can tell them that their team isn’t great.

I believe with the addition to linebacker Junior Galette for the next three years and Drew Brees playing out of his mind, skies the limit for the Saints. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go deep into the playoffs and contend for another title.