Jamie Collins 2013 New England Patriots Rookie Class

Draft Picks

2nd Round: Jamie Collins, Outside Linebacker

2nd Round: Aaron Dobson, Wide Receiver

3rd Round: Logan Ryan, Cornerback

3rd Round: Duron Harmon, Strong Safety

4th Round: Josh Boyce, Wide Receiver

7th Round: Michael Buchanan, DE/Outside Linebacker

7th Round: Steve Beauharnais, Linebacker


Free Agent Rookies

TJ Moe, Wide Receiver

Joe Vellano, Defensive Tackle

Zach Sudfield, Tight End

Cory Grissom, Defensive Tackle

Matt Stankiewitch, Center

Kenbrell Thompkins, Wide Receiver

Ryan Allen, Punter

Quentin Hines, Running Back

Brandon Ford, Tight End

Stephon Morris, Cornerback

Elvis Fisher, Offensive Tackle

Chris McDonald, Guard

Brandon Jones, Cornerback

Joe Kline, Offensive Lineman

Kanorris Davis, Strong Safety

Ben Bartholomew, Fullback

Dwayne Cherrington, Defensive Line

Ryan Osiecki, Quarterback (tryout only)

Mike Zupancic, Long Snapper

Ian Sluss, Linebacker

The Patriots had a disappointing ending to a strong season when they were beat in the AFC Championship by the Baltimore Ravens. With the draft that Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick just had, and the rookie free agents they have brought, the Patriots are set up once again to make a strong run for a Super Bowl appearance.

The key to getting back to the Super Bowl for the Patriots is figure out how to shut opponent's passing game down. After ranking 29th in the league against the pass, the majority of rookies in Patriots camp are on the defensive side of the ball with linebacker Jamie Collins leading the way as their top pick in the draft.

Defensive ends Michael Buchanan and Joe Vellano could see a considerable amount of action to open the season with there being no dominant presence on the line other than Vince Wilfork.

Tight ends Zach Sudfield and Brandon Ford really need to make sure they have strong showings during these mini-camps; they could see a considerable amount of time with the all the injuries that Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez seem to nurse every season.

It has been reported that Gronkowski is getting ready to have his fourth arm surgery next week, and granted it's May, look at all the time he has already missed through his career due to injuries and surgeries. Maybe if Gronk would spend more time focusing on the game instead of fist pumping in his spare time, he would learn how to avoid the injuries he suffers.