Bobby Bowden
Bowden changed the future of Florida State University. The school was going to do away with football. In 1976, Florida State and Bowden had a 5-6 record, but this would be their first and last losing season with Bowden as the head coach. Before Bowden, the Seminoles had 4-29 record in the previous three seasons. In the 1979 and 1980 seasons, FSU would have a combined 21-3 record with two Orange Bowl appearances. 304 win, 97 loses, and four ties would be the legacy Bowden would leave Florida State. Bowden lead FSU to five national championship games and two national titles - he saved football at the university.

Howard Schnellenberger
Schnellenberger came to the University Of Miami when the university was looking at doing away with football and basketball. Snellenberger changed the football team in many ways including attendance, pride, recruiting, and offensive formations. In recruiting, he looked toward the Fort Lauderdale and Miami inner city areas for high school talent. Miami was used to private school type players who drew only about 5,000 fans a game in the historic Orange Bowl. After coach Snellenberger came to the "U", the Orange Bowl saw an intimidating atmosphere with a lot of smoke and noise. Five years after becoming head coach, Snellenberger led the Miami Hurricanes to their first national title and paved the way for future coaches like Jimmy Johnson. Howard Snellenberger brought a new style pro-style pass happy offense to the Miami Hurricanes, while having a 41-16 record in his five seasons as head coach. Without coach Snellenberger, Miami might not have had the titles, NFL Hall of Fame Players, or even a football program.

Bill O'Brien  
Fans are wondering why I included a coach who just started his first year. Coach O'Brien had to walk into a situation that even the great coaches would have a hard time dealing with. Star players were leaving him, the media was painting a dark cloud over the university, and extreme probation penalties were given out. This man named O'Brien did something that all human beings should look up to- he gave them hope. Penn State players were motivated by him, when no reason for motivation was there. Life continued in the Penn State community, after such a tragic event, because Bill O'Brien made fans and players believe in themselves. O'Brien led the Penn State Nittany Lions to a 8-4 record and made life a little easier in such a bad time.


Sweetheart's Stuff  

Welcome to Bobby Ville!

In 1965, Bobby Bowden left Florida State to go to West Virginia University as an assistant under Jim Carlen. In 1969, Carlen left WVU for Texas Tech, Bowden replaced him. During Bowden's first year as head coach at WVU, the other state's top-division school, Marshall University, was in a tragic plane crash. In memory of the victims, the Mountaineers put green crosses and the initials "MU" on their helmets. Two years before the crash, Athletic Director Eddie Barrett had offered Bowden the head coaching position at Marshall. Bowden turned it down.

Onto happier times... Bobby married his high school sweetheart and they have six children.  The football doesn't fall far from the field (try saying that fast five times) His son Tommy was the head coach at Clemson University, Terry was the head coach at Auburn University (1993 Coach of the Year) and son Jeff was the offensive coordinator at Florida State. Sweet Fact: All three Bowden men who were head coaches have achieved an undefeated season!

He retired from the Florida State Seminoles in 2009 at the ripe sexy age of 80.  Ahhhh....with all that free time maybe he'll write another book - or send some Tweets, find new friends on Facebook, Google Sweetheart's article...