The city of Philadelphia has showed love to Mike Vick and he has returned the favor the last couple of years. But lately things aren’t looking good in the city of Brotherly Love. Now everyone including Vick is wondering what’s going on in Philly and with the past debacle the team doesn’t look any better for this coming season.

Many are wondering around the city and the NFL if the whole Michael Vick situation becomes a distraction through the year and will this team even compete at high level as the once did years ago.

Michael Vick was one of the most dynamic and controversial players that has hit the NFL for a very long time. Vick has seen his highs and lows of his career and now he’s in a crossroad on what’s next for him with the Philadelphia Eagles.

From his conviction for dog fighting to coming back to the NFL and winning fans over in 2009. Vick was back and we were all happy to see him just put on a uniform again to help out a team.

The Atlanta Falcons were the team that took a chance on the young Michael Vick out of Virginia Tech in 2001 and drafted him as the 1st overall pick. Vick proved to the team that he was worth the pick and he performed so well on the field that they made him their franchise player.

In all the money that he’s made and lost it can’t replace the year that Vick faced last season as he was a turnover machine and concussions was part of life for him.

Michael Vick was never recognized for his passing ability but his running with the ball to make plays. But his last season’s numbers were something to recognize, as he passed for only 2,362 yards, 12 TDs and 10 INTs in 10 starts.

Now there is a new sheriff in town and that’s new head coach Chip Kelly. He’s came out and said that he’s a fan of Michael Vick and wants him to be his quarterback for next season. Vick isn’t guaranteed anything next season and his career with the Eagles look bleak to say the least.

We all know that Vick is past his prime, but he barely looks like a decent quarterback on the field when he’s on there. The fans want him gone but Kelly wants him. Let’s watch and see how long this will go on.