MantiSo it has been revealed that Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend, "Lennay Kekua", actually never existed.

And questions are beginning to mount regarding Te'o's purported role in the convoluted hoax.

The biggest question is whether Te'o was an unwittingly deceived victim, as he claims, or took part in perpetrating this elaborate scheme in order to bring more attention to his run at the Heisman Trophy.

If he is lying in his claim that he is the victim of a hoax, well then, shame on him.

How a man maintains such a meaningful relationship with a woman he has never actually seen is somewhat bizarre, but that in and of itself is still not a crime; naïve maybe, but not illegal. The bigger issue is that when he found out the “love of his life” was in fact nothing more than the creation of somebody’s demented idea of a cruel joke, he should have come clean.

He could have avoided the embarrassment that he has now subjected himself to. Images have surfaced all over the internet in the last few days, portraying Te’o as the brunt of jokes; I saw a T-shirt with the words “Play Like You Have an Imaginary Girlfriend Today” and a Tweet that read “AJ McCarron's girlfriend will be featured in the SI Swimsuit issue. Manti Te'o's girlfriend will be featured on Myth Busters.” – He rapidly became the laughing stock of the twitterverse.  

Who the H-E- double hockey sticks cares? – So what? The guy didn’t commit any crime, regardless of his role in this sick shenanigan. Nobody actually died, nobody was injured, nobody lost money and as far as I know nobody in this saga has been hurt in the least, with the exception of Te’o himself.

He will be the butt of jokes for the rest of his life because of this; regardless of whether or not he was a victim or a knowing participant. If he was a victim, I feel bad for him, if he was involved in this deranged plot; he has serious issues and should seek counseling.

And if he thinks Lennay Kekua was fake, wait until he starts meeting women once he becomes an NFL millionaire.