Nothing beats a big, fluffy biscuit, especially for tailgates. We use them as sides for breakfast -- biscuits & bacon, biscuits & gravy, biscuits & eggs or, everyone's favorite: biscuit sandwiches with cheese, eggs, bacon or sausage. Typically, we make biscuits the night or morning before the game, let them cool and wrap them in Ziploc bags and pop them in the cooler. A biscuit will stay fresh for several days.
Biscuits also make perfect sides for stews and chilis. In fact, our all-time favorite tailgate breakfast is a big pile of smoky venison chili poured over a biscuit that's been cut in half. We then pop a couple of juicy poached or fried eggs on top of the whole pile. Now that's some good eatin'.
Our biscuits & gravy recipe is highlighted here. But there are many other ways to make biscuits. The easiest comes courtesy of the miracle workers at Bisquick. They sell 7.5-ounce packets of buttermilk biscuit mix to which you simply add water and bake. You get 4 to 6 perfectly fluffy and tasty biscuits with less than half the effort it takes to make other biscuits.
If homemade biscuits are more your speed, there are two other biscuit recipes we use. One is for skillet-fried cowboy biscuits. The other is from our favorite all-American chef, Betty Crocker.