You could not ask for this kind of drama. The BCS ends its college football run by giving fans one of the best games of its history.

Now with a college football playoff finally on the horizon, Florida State, a team that lost two of the first three BCS games, is the final winner of the crystal football.

It happens to be the biggest comeback in BCS history. Florida State cemented itself as one of the best teams to ever play in the BCS - one led by a red-shirt freshman and the only one of three freshmen to win the title.

This was a special season for FSU, a team many of us thought were a year late and possibly a dollar short. Remember, FSU lost starters and reserves to the NFL and most of us thought the preseason polls where the team was ranked eighth by most, was more than warranted.

In 2007, I said that in a season where LSU won the national title with two loses, it was only fitting that a then sophomore named Tim Tebow should win the Heisman Trophy.

In a year where there were four undefeated teams right before Thanksgiving fighting for two slots in a game in Pasadena, it is only fitting this season that a freshman quarterback plays poorly through three quarters, only to find his mojo and lead the Seminoles to a title.

So much was made of Jimbo Fisher and his team, the fact he had lost games the past three seasons to admitted lesser talented teams that ultimately cost FSU a shot at a national title. He came into the BCS armed with an undefeated team, an untarnished game plan and a new contract that would pay him just under $15 million through 2018.

Everything was set up for failure in some aspects, but Fisher and his team showed its character throughout the season and at the end of the game.

Many, myself included, have thought no one could ever replace Bobby Bowden at FSU. Fisher has proven he may not be able to replace a living legend, but he could give him a run for his money. Fisher beat an SEC team in Auburn by building a team to play as if it was in the SEC. The strategy worked and thus another star was born.

And a legacy in the BCS that will not soon be forgotten.