The Jets' season has come to a floundering halt after their Monday night loss to the Tennessee Titans 14 -10. Mark Sanchez looked like a klutz, once again, throwing 4 interceptions. This was another in a string of clumsy games that have involved Sanchez this season. He has 24 turnovers total this season, 17 INT and 7 fumbles lost. Everyone's favorite fumble was the " Butt Fumble ", when he ran into his own lineman's bottom and coughed the ball up.

The Jets offense has looked like keystone cops all season long. True, there were major injuries on the offensive side of the ball early in the season, notably Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller. But the Jets had shown in preseason that scoring was going to be a chore for this offense.

So now we come to the end of the season and the Jets are out of the playoff chase which is not a shock to anyone. The funny thing about it is that everyone wants to point the finger at Mark Sanchez, like he is the main reason for the shortcomings of the Jets this season. There is plenty of blame to go around and quite frankly, Mark Sanchez is the least of the issues with the New York Jets.

Let's start off with Mike Tannenbaum!! He was the one that put this circus together. He placed a 5 year $58.25 million bet on a QB that only had 1 year of college experience coming into the 2008 draft. He miscalculated by thinking that it was okay to let the veteran talent leave without adequately replacing it after the 2011 season.

Last year, when Sanchez was entering his 3rd season, the Jets were the second most efficient team in the red zone. Sanchez statistically had his best season, 3474 YDS , 26 TD 18 INT 56.7 pct. The Jets actually had some talent around Sanchez, thus the production. Plaxico Burress, fresh out of jail, caught 8 TD receptions. Santonio Holmes also had 8 TD receptions. Dustin Keller chipped in 5 TDs. The offense actually looked formidable.

Then in Tannenbaum's infinite wisdom, lets Plaxico Burress go in the offseason. Santonio Holmes and Dustin Keller get hurt, and there are no viable back ups for them. The only offensive enhancements, (if you want to call them enhancements) were bringing in Tony Sparano to be Offensive Coordinator after firing Brian Schottenheimer, and trading for Tim Tebow.

Brian Schottenheimer actually had Sanchez playing better before his firing. Why would you change coordinators while you are grooming your QB? Everyone knows that nothing stunts a young QBs growth more than changing coordinators on him during his maturation. Then Tim Tebow!! Really!! He was not even a good QB in Denver. Yet Tannenbaum bought into the smoke and mirrors.

Now lets throw in the head coach, Rex Ryan; his weak stances when it comes to the use of Tebow, and the circus-like atmosphere he created that was detrimental to the team. Add to that the the fact that bringing Tony Sparano in was his idea, and you see how they were doomed to fail. Sparano had just gotten fired from Miami for producing a 20th ranked offense last season. Why would you want to bring Sparano in after that? Did you want to show his incompetence on a bigger New York stage? When you add up the injuries, with the inept front office , and the bad coaching decisions, is it any wonder why the Jets failed ? The organization put themselves into this position. But in the end the coach and the GM are going to scapegoat Mark Sanchez for the majority of the failures. They really need to look in the mirror.