Johnson wants to play for a contender.

There is no disputing that Andre Johnson is one of the best receivers to ever play the game.  He's been the best player on Houston's offense since the day they drafted him.  He's been with the team his entire career and has been a leader.  However, Houston has come to a crossroad and it's time to part ways with the veteran who wants to play for a contender.

The situation isn't an ideal one.  The city of Houston would love to have him retire a Texan but if he wants out then it's not meant to be.  But where can they send him?  They'll need a draft pick and a QB prospect for the trade to make any sense.

What the Texans need is help on the offensive line and a legitimate QB prospect for the future.  They'll probably have to build the line through the draft but there are some interesting QB's around the league worth looking at.

A team like New England jumps out at you with Tom Brady needing receiver help.  There were many rumors prior to the draft that Houston might trade for backup QB Ryan Mallett.  This is thought provoking but I don't see a situation where New England can swing a deal and stay under the salary cap.  If there is a way to do it this could make a lot of sense but I don't think the numbers will work out.

Would Andre Johnson consider catching passes from RG3?  The Redskins are sitting on Kirk Cousins and this could prove to be an interesting landing spot for Johnson.  With the Redskins acquiring DeSean Jackson this could be a viable spot with a wide open aerial attack.

The Baltimore Ravens just weren't the same without Anquan Boldin last year.  A trade to Baltimore could be huge for the Ravens.  What could Houston look to receive from such a trade?  The backup QB is a guy named Tyrod Taylor who I'm actually a big fan of.  He looks a lot like Russel Wilson and my guess is that Harbough has kept him as Joe Flacco's backup for a reason.  Taylor would give the Texans a QB option who throws from the pocket but is mobile enough to avoid a lot of the pressure that is sure to come to anyone behind the Texans offensive line.

The Philadelphia Eagles are another interesting team to look at.  The team cut DeSean Jackson this offseason and acquiring Andre Johnson would fill that void.  With Nick Foles taking over as the signal caller the Eagles have a couple of interesting options to deal to the Texans in Mark Sanchez or Matt Barkley. 

Any of these landing spots would require perhaps a 3rd or 4th round draft pick to go along with it.  However, any of the QB's above could prove to be better than anyone currently on the Texans roster and a couple of them might emerge as legitimate starting QB's you could build a franchise around.

On side note: The Texans could just shop him to Denver and Peyton Manning.  They might get enough draft picks to make it make sense.  What Peyton wants Peyton gets!