The Manning Passing Academy was started by Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and Cooper Manning. The academy includes over 1,000 high school kids, all wanting to become the next great quarterback. This academy is very important to the Manning family and Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The camp also includes current college players who want to invest their time - with the children, not with drinks. Photos of Texas A&M's quarterback, Johnny Manziel and Alabama's QB, A.J. McCarron at a bar the night before camp have been posted on Twitter. This only increases the drama Manziel has already incurred.

Father of Eli and Peyton, Archie Manning asked Manziel to leave because the Aggie QB was sick. Sick! Or just hungover? Remember, these two guys play each other in a pinnacle game in the second week of the season.

For A.J. McCarron, I wonder what old Nick Saban is going to say about his discipline? I know! "He and 'Johnny Football' are just young kids. They are young kids with big boy responsibilities and Manziel failed the worst."

Although the Manning family might let this slide - fans will not. To Johnny Manziel, it was huge of you to win a Heisman as a Freshman. Respect the game, and those whom look up to you, and take this episode as a dumb mistake. 

The Big Picture: Now, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive has to carry this issue into the SEC's media days.

Sweetheart's Stuff   

Let's do some Johnny Shots! I'll start out by saying what Stuart won't; Johnny Failed the Passing Academy.

Things I know for sure:

  • I've never, ever, ever, received this much attention from my drinking escapades (popped out a few babies nine months later, sure - but still not this much attention).
  • Johnny has the same attitude Stuart does, "I can do what I want - I'm a man".
  • Before technology, this would've been considered gossip.

Johnny Drinks:

  • Dirty Johnny
  • Manziel Martini
  • Long-Pass Iced Tea
  • Johnny and Jack
  • Johnny Jello Shots

Cheers Johnny!