The New York Giants delivered a 38-10 haymaker to the Green Bay Packers last night.   The Giants could have scored 50 if they really wanted to.   From the looks of things last night Green Bay is toast and will skid to a 7-9…8-8 season and miss the playoffs.  

Or will they?  

Recent NFL and especially New York Giant history tells an interesting tale that Packer fans can have hope in.   It’s never as bad as it looks and never as good as it looks coaches will say…and some recent Super Bowl winners have proven.  The dates are worth noting as some recent champions have just gotten annihilated late in the season.

November 28, 2005:   The Pittsburgh Steelers went into Indianapolis with a 7-3 record and just the defense to challenge Peyton Manning and the unbeaten Colts.   Pittsburgh limped out with their worst beating of the season 26-7 in a game that could have been much worse.   Peyton Manning had all the answers even before the Pittsburgh defense could present the question.   Slightly less than 7 weeks later the Steelers returned the favor with a 21-18 playoff victory in the very same stadium.  

December 10, 2006:  The Indianapolis Colts headed to sunny Florida with a 10-2 record and another high flying offense.   Three hours later Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew had left their cleat marks all over the Colts’ ahem “defense”.   The only thing that kept Jax from rushing for 400 yards was the time limit to the game.   44-17 was the final score as the Jaguars had an awesome day and punished Indianapolis. The Colts topped that by allowing Ron Dayne to roll up 150 yards two weeks later in another loss to a non-contender.

December 21, 2008:   Pittsburgh brought another awesome defense, Big Ben and an 11-3 record to Nashville, Tennessee.   They left on the short end of a 31-14 beating.   The Titans harassed Big Ben into a horrible day.

Considering the way things have gone late in the season for the recent Giants’ Super Bowl winning teams they might have been better off losing 38-10 last night.   Ridiculous, you say?   Consider this:

November 25, 1990:  The Philadelphia Eagles gave the rest of the league a “blueprint” to handling Lawrence Taylor and that vaunted Giants defense.   31-13 was the final that day at the old Veterans’ Stadium as Randall Cunningham and his offensive mates had a great game against a Giants’ defense filled with Hall of Famers.

November 25, 2007: (There’s that date again).   Eli Manning spent most of the afternoon throwing passes to the Minnesota Vikings and watching them run back the other way for touchdowns (3 INTS returned for TDs).   Yes, MN finished 8-8 that season but had no Adrian Peterson that day (injury) and no Jared Allen to harass Eli (Allen was still with Kansas City) and had Tavaris Jackson at QB.   None of that mattered as MN came into the Meadowlands and blasted the eventual champs 41-17.   NY lost their last three home games that season including a 22-10 loss to Washington on December 16.

November 28, 2011:   In the midst of a four game losing streak the Giants went to New Orleans to make a statement.   Drew Brees and the Saints did all the necessary talking on the field with a 49-24 thumping of the Giants in a game reminiscent of the Giants non-playoff years of 2009 and 2010.  The Giants had another listless season at the Meadowlands and got wacked by Washington 23-10 on December 16 with Rex Grossman (?!?) at the helm of the Redskins.

The Giants probably exposed Green Bay and relegated them to “Pretender” status in the race for this year’s Super Bowl.   However, as Lee Corso is wont to say “Not so fast, my friend”.   Recent Super Bowl winners (most especially the Giants) have shown they can absorb some real crushing losses…even at home…and still bring home the Lombardi.