We know our readers, generally speaking, are more focused on the NFL than on our much-beloved "Grand Old Game" of college football. Just look at our most recent Troll Poll, in which one-third of our readers said they don't care about the college game.
Wethinks y'all are missing something out there: namely, the gameday excitement around a big NFL game simply does not match the hysteria of a big-time college football game.
Not even close.
Look, for example, at the first couple minutes of today's East Carolina-Virginia Tech game on ESPN. Sure, there was some unusual emotional fervor to the game because of the VaTech tragedy earlier this year. But this played out minutes after a somber tribute to the tragedy. And it pretty much sums up what the college game is all about. It's pretty amazing. Now, imagine if it were a big game, like a rivalry opponent or something.
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If that don't get you worked up, well ... you're more cold and emotionless than we are: Metallica blasting over the loudspeakers, 70,000 people, almost every single one dressed in maroon & orange, leaping up and down like pogo sticks, the teams and cheerleaders racing out of the tunnels, school, state and American flags flying.
It's pretty f'in cool. That's pure Americana folks. That's what college football is all about.
If we had an emotion, we'd love it so.