The Five Worst Super Bowl Winning Teams Of All Time

By Gary Jordan
January 25, 2013 1:14 pm
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Its what the game is all about.

Hoisting aloft the Lombardi Trophy.

Becoming the best of the best. Owners, coaches and players all want to be on that podium at season's end telling everyone how grateful they are for the supporting cast around them. 

A truly special moment for everyone associated with the game.

Every year a new champion is crowned, but are all of them deserving winners?

Did some get lucky? Are some of the past winners worthy of wearing a ring that states they are a champion? Should the opposition have won on the biggest day on the sports calendar?

Lets have a look and see who are the worst five Super Bowl winners in history.

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By Gary Jordan
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2 years ago
the league wanted the jets to win for credibility parity. funny how every call went against the colts.
2 years ago

Wouldn't go as far as shouting conspiracy, but you make a fair point.
2 years ago
Your logic is flawed. If Buffalo is the best team not to win, how can the team that beat them be the worst team ever to win? They'd have to be pretty good to beat the best team who didn't win, or the Bills would have to be pretty bad to lose to the worst team ever to win.
2 years ago

The Bills were the best team in any era to be so dominant and not win one. The Giants were not worthy winners on that day. They knew they couldn't "beat " the Bills so just played within themselves and spoiled the game.
2 years ago
Really need to say that Super Bowl XXV was on the 24th. anniversary of the "big game" not the 25th. as stated in panel 5.
2 years ago

Have I been done on a technicality?
2 years ago
"...and if it wasn't for that huge tackle by Mike Jones on Kevin Dyson at the one yard line we could, and should have, had different winners."

That's pretty presumptuous, especially with the fact that the game would have only been tied - after the extra point.

Secondly, how does a "monumental effort" by a really good team denote the Rams being one of the worst teams? That would imply the Titans played above their heads against a great team.
2 years ago

I feel that if the Titans had scored on that play the momentum they had would have carried them through to win.
If the were Rams were indeed the greatest show on turf they would have had the game well out of sight before the Titans comeback, rendering the above statement useless. The effort was huge by Tennessee, if the Rams were THAT good they would have found a way through them.
2 years ago
What about the Steelers in Super Bowl XL. The Fix was in. The NFL made sure they won that. (Sadly, I think the NFL will do that again and make sure Baltimore wins.)
2 years ago

In the age of parity do the NFL need to "fix" stuff? Conspiracy under Goodells reign? Surely not
2 years ago

Uh, Super Bowl XL was under Tagliabue. It was so one sided that people were screaming FIX. Even the TV Presentation from ABC was slanted towards The Steelers.
2 years ago

Aware that Tagliabue was in charge then, was referring to you last comment about this year.
2 years ago
I totally agree with Super Bowl XXV assessment. The Bills were the better team and the Giants had to play a monumental game of keep away to eek out a one point victory. They even got the MVP wrong. Thurman Thomas was the best football player on the field, check the stats. We should have had the second MVP on a losing team joining Chuck Howley of Dallas in Super Bowl V.
2 years ago

Thanks for your comment
2 years ago
The 1990 Giants - are you crazy? That team was a powerhouse, starting the season 10-0 and defeating the invincible back-to-back defending champion 49ers in an epic NFC title game. San Fran was due for a three-peat - it was just a formality at that point - and the Giants beat them at Candlestick... with a backup QB.

That same backup QB went out there and won the Super Bowl for them.

Those Giants were a great team, probably among the top 20 Super Bowl winners ever. Certainly better than the 2007 and 2011 Giants squads.

(Full disclosure: I'm not a Giants fan.)
2 years ago

All points you have raised are legit, no doubting that. I think you missed the point in my slideshow though. I am referring to just the Super Bowl game itself. Thank you for your comment though.
2 years ago

I see. I guess your lead-in does explain what you mean, but the headline (which you may not have written) is misleading.

The Giants probably were a little lucky to win that Sunday. Still, you have to hand it to their defense for holding that incredible Bills offense to just 19 points.

Thanks for the article.
2 years ago

I guess the phrase Defense wins championshIps comes into play here, as it almost did for others on my list. Thanks for reading.
2 years ago
The Giants weren't worthy winners that day? Well I was at that game and either you weren't or you're from Buffalo Two seven minute plus touchdown drives and they're not worthy? Winning on the road in San Francisco against the two time defending Super Bowl champions and in Tampa with their backup quarterback who counting the Super Bowl had five career starts and they're not worthy?

This was the last hurrah of an aging, proud and still great defense. Buffalo's defense on its best day didn't belong on the field with the Giant defense.

Yes Buffalo had a chance to win this game. But to expect Scott Norwood to hit a 47 yard field goal on grass when he hadn't done so in his entire career doesn't mean the Giants were lucky. They won the game and deserved to win.

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