If the Cold, Hard Football Facts suffered the weakness of human emotion we would love having a little fun each weekend engaging in mindless games of chance.

Enter FFSlots.com, our new Fantasy Football Slot Machine. It’s quick, fun, free and easy ... kind of like our ex-girlfriends.

Spin the reels. Pick a team! You can also create your own leagues for you and your friends in seconds.

FFSlots had 2,000 competitors last week, and Delwins won $200 for his first-place finish. You can see his Week 1 team here. There are other cash prizes, too. So here’s the deal: go into FFSlots.com, spin the reels and pick your team.

Bingo, we are now mortal FFSlots enemies.

Like any slot machine, it’s really a game of chance more than skill. But also a fun and easy way to pick a team.

FFSlots.com winners get cash prizes. So spin up and enjoy.