Cornerbacks in 2012 such as Baltimore's Jimmy Smith, Indianapolis' Cassius Vaughn, Minnesota's Josh Robinson and New York's Corey Webster and Jayron Hosley, had awful seasons that put their respected teams' secondary at risk.

They were liabilities when the opposing offense went to the air. They were the NFL's bottom five corners for the whole year and showed it throughout this past weekend.

Through Week 10 of the 2013 NFL season there have been a new bottom five that have been borderline failures so far. Some might suprise you and some might not.

But unfourteuntely for the defenses of the Rams, Chargers, Jets, Texans and Lions, these guys have led the way as their team's biggest weakness in the secondary.

Their performances have been responsible for losses and their pay checks are at risk of stopping following the end of the season.

So when you're yelling at your TV and swearing up a storm as completion after completion occurs against your defense, you can direct your anger at these unfourtenate five.

It's probobly a good idea to look at your team's pass rush too, but to not ruin this moment of being told who you can hate on when your team is losing, you can start the blame on these guys. The "failing five."