The End Of A Sanchize: Five Candidates To Replace Mark Sanchez

By Michael Quinn
December 18, 2012 11:56 pm
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While nothing seems to be set in stone in this crazy league we call the NFL, one thing seems to be sure: Mark Sanchez is done in New York.

Though there has yet to be an official press release regarding Sanchez' status, Head Coach Rex Ryan has let us know that Greg McElroy will assume starting QB duties for at least the next game against San Diego.

Mark Sanchez deserves his spot on the bench, after turning the ball over 5 times in a crucial game needed to get a playoff berth.

Sanchez has officially sealed his fate, and Rex Ryan can't bail him out this time.

So with that said, here are five candidates to replace Mark Sanchez not named Tim Tebow.

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2 years ago
Good, maybe Tebow will be picked up by a team who will start him and give him a chance to play like we know he can. I've been sick and tired the way Ryan has treated him. The way of obscurity. What a putz!!! I will hold out hope!!! Ever the optomist.
2 years ago
Amen brother! Tim Tebow WEARS DOWN a defense by making them run all over the field to track him down. ALSO, Tim should go back to his old throwing motion (Gators)--don't mess with a good thing.. He didn't have ANY trouble throwing to receivers @ college level: Aaron Hernandez, Percy Harvin, Riley Cooper, etc.
2 years ago
Tebow should answer his calling and join the WWF. He seems to be a freak and doesn't fit any position. I would try him at LB, TE, S, nothing to lose. Vick? The Anti-tbow, fitting, and it would save one decent QB the NY schizophrenic angst. He's got a few more licks in him before his brain starts actually leaking.
VY makes good sense, he's already ruined and likes those high-dollar shots.

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