The Dallas Cowboys have something in common with the following eight teams: St. Louis, Arizona, Carolina, Miami, Buffalo, Cleveland, Oakland, and Jacksonville. They aren’t from the same conference. They don’t all play in domes. They don’t all start a white quarterback. No, the thing that all of those teams, including the Cowboys, have in common is that for the past three seasons, they have neither had a winning season nor reached the playoffs.

You heard that right. The mighty Cowboys, “America’s Team”, hasn’t made it into the field of 12. They haven’t even been able to reach nine wins. From 2010 to 2012 the Cowboys went 22-26. What is possibly even more defeating is that for the past two seasons the Cowboys were presented with a gift; they were able to play a week 17 game where all they had to do was win and they would not only get in to the playoffs, but they would win the division and get a home game.

Looking ahead to 2013 though, we have Dez Bryant expecting 2000 receiving yards, a healthy Demarco Murray in the backfield, a nasty two tight end set to give Romo even more options in the playbook, and of course Jerry Jones to make it all go round. The problem for the Cowboys is that something is still missing.

Somewhere along the line, the Cowboys decided it was OK to just be good. Romo piles up his stats as one of the best QBs in the league and he was paid accordingly in the off-season. But the Boys still don’t win game. So will they turn things around in 2013? Not…..even…..close. Here are the top four reasons the Cowboys will not only miss the playoffs, but will finish the year a dismal 5-11 and in 2nd to last in the NFC.