Jerry Jones Nicknames are given and shouldn’t be self-made.

So in 1978 according to many sources Bob Ryan gave the Dallas Cowboys this glorious name after watching some film and highlights of the team to which he noticed that they have so many fans.

Rather they have the most in the league at home and away. So this is where it all started, as legend says.

Well numbers don’t lie at all but to give a NFL team this title - or any team in sports at that - is a very strong title.

It started to put pressure on the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones to become even more successful.

That is what they did, by the way, after capturing three Super Bowl titles in the 1990s with its super talented squad in Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin. So this name in that time really held a lot of weight and fans understood and accepted this for the Dallas Cowboys.

Fast forward to the 2000s and things just went downhill from there. Those glory days were now done and the Cowboys were trying to figure everything out on who will be the man of the team and the direction it’s going to take now that those legends are not there anymore.

Jerry Jones tried everything possible to put a good product on the field but things just didn’t accumulate to any Super Bowl titles. Jones was so involved that players started to feel so overwhelmed with his presence that they’d get nervous on the field because they knew they would have to answer to Jerry Jones.

Now you have a good quarterback in Tony Romo that hit the scene and Dallas was up in a roar but we’ve seen him struggle in big moments that he’s looked like a choke for some years now. So the question still remains on -- why do we as fans and the media call the Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team”?

Obviously, to many, they haven’t earned the right to be called that anymore and should be called the Dallas Cowboys; nothing more or nothing less. But don’t tell that to the Cowboys fans around the country I said that because as we know they are very passionate about their team and they’ll be ready to go to battle to defend their great name.

I think that the Cowboys are a good team but they have a ways to go as to close out games when they count. They could have clinched the NFC title with a win over the Washington Redskins and RG III but they couldn’t make the tough plays in the end.

This is what separates them from the very good to excellent teams in the league. I don’t think it was Romo’s fault this year as he played stellar. But someone has to take the blame.