Tony RomoEver since the Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants ona Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving, many experts and Cowboy fans believed that this was sign of a positive turning point in season.

The Cowboys then beat the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving and many experts and Cowboys fans were beliving that the team can play on par with the Philadelphia Eagles for the top spot in the NFC East division.

But after being blown out by the Chicago Bears on Monday night, reality sunk in for many Cowboys fans and experts that the Cowboys are still far from being a title contender.

The Cowboys lost to Chicago 45-28 and while they can still win the division by winning all the rest of their games, Monday's game showed that they can still be the same old Dallas team they've been since Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin retired. 

Tony Romo is still playing good but he doesn't have a lot to bring him a long-elusive Super Bowl title. Dez Bryant has played good despite being a loose cannon on many Sundays but he's not that consistent as many of his rival receivers. Jason Witten is also good in most games but he's not as explosive as most of the tight ends in the league.

As for the defense? DeMarco Murray aside, the Cowboys' defense (fomerly known as the "doomsday defense") isn't really up to par with other tough defensive lines. The secondary is weak and Murray doesn't have a lot of tough teammates to back him up.

Romo still has some years left to win a Super Bowl. But does he have a team to win? The answer is a flat out no. Can he prove critics wrong like Joe Flacco did last year? Yes. But Flacco won at the age of 28. Romo is now 33 and while he's playing better and can still win, he needs help. And right now, Jerry Jones isn't doing him, his team, or Cowboy fans any favors with his work as general manager.