The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded troubled wide receiver Mike Williams to the Buffalo Bills in exchange for a sixth round pick. Ever since his 2013 season ended on injured reserve Williams has done everything in his power to alienate himself from the Bucs new leadership.

Throughout his short lived pro career, the talented Williams, who has twice come close to breaking the 1000 yard receiving barrier has struggled to stay on the right side of the law. Although only minor incidents, which include being sued by an insurance company for alleged damage to a rental car and being charged with trespassing it is evident that Williams had begun to follow a pattern of negativity. Add in the almost comical incident which saw Williams stabbed by his brother whilst wrestling and the Bucs had finally grown tired of his antics.  

The Bills despite Williams’ legal troubles have got themselves a bargain, providing of course he passes his physical. Williams is a brilliant pick up for the Bills as he provides a big physical target for trigger man E J Manuel.

 For the Bucs it seems it was a case of just getting something in exchange for Williams, but they will struggle to find anyone with his talent in the sixth round. This move all but guarantees the Bucs will be in the hunt for a wide receiver come draft day. Expect them to make a move for Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans if he is not there, as after Vincent Jackson the Bucs have nothing at receiver and after all this still is a passing league.