Remember's New England's failure to complete a perfect season due to that amazing drive by Eli Manning a few years back? How about the Baltimore Colts' stunning loss to the inferior New York Jets of the AFL, complete with a guarantee of success by party-boy Joe Namath?

Then there's the Denver teams of the late 80s who repeatedly made the Super Bowl, but were ridiculously out-manned once they got there.

Well, they all made my list, as I rate all the Super Bowl losers from I through XLVI. While there may be a case for some teams to move up or down a few spots, every team deserves its ranking.

Teams are rated from best to worst, and placement is based both on season performance as well as in the Championship game. 

Feel free to berate me if I slam your team, but remember, I'm not saying they're bad teams - no team that makes the Super Bowl is a bad team - just that there are better options. Enjoy!