The Best And Worst Moments of Super Bowl XLVII

By Anthony King
February 04, 2013 7:46 am
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Super Bowl XLVII is in the books and there is one thing everyone will be talking about come Monday…how mediocre the commercials were. Alright, maybe they might also mention the power outage which delayed the game for 34 minutes, and actually helped the San Francisco 49ers turn a runaway Baltimore Ravens beat down into a close three point, 34-31 nail bitter.

The game had it all, an early blowout, a late-game comeback, turnovers, touchdowns, a record tying kick-off return and one big questionable no-call. With so much packed into the NFL’s marquee game, it is hard to know where to start first.

Let there be…uh, guys?

The Baltimore Ravens came out fast and kept the pressure as they built a 28-6 lead early in the third quarter. Jacoby Jones took the opening kickoff of the second half out from eight yards deep in the end zone in what had to be a “no, no,no…yes, yes, yes” moment for coach John Harbaugh. The record-tying 108-yard kick return put the Ravens firmly in the driver’s seat.

Up 22 against a dejected San Francisco 49ers’ team made it seem as if this Super Bowl would become a laugher. It got so bad that one of the members of the custodial staff fell asleep and accidentally flipped off the light switch for half of the stadium. The subsequent 34 minute delay turned into a Godsend for the 49ers, as the break ostensibly took all the momentum away from the Baltimore Ravens.

The Niners put up 17 points in four minutes and ten seconds to make it a game at 28-23. Even though the lead that was never in doubt turned out to be never in doubt, the 4th quarter did become very interesting, and we all owe that to the poorly constructed electrical system in place at the Super Dome.

Two Refs, Four Eyes, No Penalty

The game came down to one play. After the Raven stalled the Niners drive, Kaepernick had a 4th and goal from the five-yard line. All they had to do was put it in for the touchdown and their comeback would be complete. Colin Kaepernick against Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens’ defense to decide it – just the way it should be.

Ed Reed came free on a safety blitz and Kaepernick had no choice but to let the ball fly to the Michael Crabtree immediately in the corner of the end zone. There was a lot of hand-checking going on by both Crabtree and defensive back Jimmy Smith, and in the end the ball fell helplessly to the ground.

Could it have been a flag? Yes. Should it have been a flag? I would have had more of a problem had the refs felt it was their time to take the stage and make the final play about them. Let the players play and whoever wins, wins. That is exactly what the referees did in that situation, and for that I have to applaud their restraint. Plus, given where the ball landed on the white chalk, a strong case could be made for the throw falling under the purview of the “uncatchable ball” technicality. Good no-call in my opinion.

Joe Flacco, aka, Joey Bright-Lights

Anyone looking for a raise at work would probably love to walk in and slap the Lombardi trophy and the Super Bowl MVP down on their boss’s desk. “Start writing zeros until I’m satisfied Bobby,” is all you’d have to say – doesn’t even matter if your boss’s name is Bobby or not.

After Joe Flacco put up 287 yards and three touchdowns in Super Bowl XLVII, he is going to be in for a serious payday. Flacco also finished another impressive feat by going through the entire playoffs without throwing a single interception (11-0). Flacco made every throw he needed to, and now we can all sit back and wait for the influx of “Is Joe Flacco Elite?” columns sure to come our way.

While he still won’t be allowed to made direct eye-contact with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning at NFL functions, this nice playoff run certainly allows him to shake their hand, maybe even take a quick photo or two next to them. It’s too early to call him elite just yet, but no one can take Super Bowl MVP off his business cards.


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2 years ago
Strongly disagree on the "uncatchable" ball, let them play... if that's the case, what constitutes a penalty? Did not the refs take the ball OUT of the 49ers hands by allowing a CB to hold? I think Crabtree was trying to free himself to make a VERY catchable play. And if you count the FLAGRANT holding on the kickoff return that's 2 times the refs TOOK the stage (just in favor of NOT penalizing the Ravens). To me, that's just as bad as calling a penalty when none happened (2006 AFC Championship game for example when the refs handed P. Manning his trip to a Super Bowl ring).
2 years ago

Doug-I agree with you on the holding call in the end-zone. I thought that 1 should have been called since it directly affected that pass play. If the hold would have been on a receiver on the other side of the field, then ok, let them play. I thought that was a great move on a Ravens coach's part to tell them to blatantly hold on the play that resulted in a safety. It helped Balt. to waste more time and the Niners would have had to refuse the penalty anyway if it had been called.
2 years ago

On the pass, the Ravens had a free blitzer who made Kaepernick have to throw erratically to avoid the sack. To give them a flag in that situation feels like they would be bailing out the Niners for not picking up that blitzer and Kaepernick making a bad throw. The ball was in the air immediately before Crabtree even made an attempt to break free of the bump and run. It's unfortunate for the 49ers, but having the game decided on a flag would be been even worse.

Calling pass interference there would make it 1st and goal on the one-yard line, effectively giving the Super Bowl to the 49ers. The Refs were not calling a lot of penalties all game (7 in total), so they held true to how the game was called throughout the night. Better no-call in that situation than throwing the flag.
2 years ago

So... in your opinion, penalties should only be called when it doesn't effect the outcome of the game? So... it didn't effect 49ers opportunity to score an easy TD? Sounds like a fallacy to me.
2 years ago

Plus, you are essentially saying that teams should purposely commit penalties hoping for a non call.
2 years ago
Anthony-I think you are probably right about Flacco in all respects. But like you said, unlike Passer Records they can never take this accomplishment away from him. He has now "Reached the Pinnacle of His Profession". Something my guy (Marino) will never be able to say.
2 years ago

What makes Joe's accomplishment even more meaningful-his Team gave up more points (88) than any other winning team, and they were the 1st to give up over 30 points twice in the same PO year.
2 years ago

That's a very telling stat. They needed every ounce of what Flacco gave them to win, which is why I laugh at the people who said Jacoby Jones deserved the MVP over him. I was very impressed with Flacco in these playoff. But now that he has shown it, he has to keep showing it in order to turn that corner and gain admission into that next level of quarterbacks.

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