This Sunday, the Falcons (6-0) travel North to Philadelphia to face the Eagles (3-3).  Both teams are coming off byes and are looking to improve their records.

The Eagles are a difficult team to figure out.  They have lost 2 straight games and are looking to earn a big win against the Falcons on Sunday.  There are a lot of problems surrounding the Eagles and many of them are centered on Mike Vick.  The performance by Vick this year has been very poor at best.  He has thrown 8 interceptions and fumbled the ball 9 times so far this year. This has caused some people to speculate that Vick my be in danger of losing his starting job if he does not improve soon.

The turnover issue for the Eagles is something the Falcons are going to try to exploit as the Eagles are last in the NFC in turnover differential at -9.  The Falcons are on the opposite end of the spectrum as they are 2nd in the NFC in turnover differential at +10. 

Turnovers have been a big reason why the Falcons are the only unbeaten team remaining in the NFL.  They have forced one turnover in every game this year and a total of 17.  The Falcons forced 3 turnovers in their last game against the Raiders.  Asante Samuel forced the biggest turnover in that game when he intercepted a pass from Carson Palmer and returned it to the end-zone for a touchdown to all but seal the victory for the Falcons.

In order for the Eagles to pull-off a victory over the visiting Falcons, they are going to drastically cut down on the turnovers.  If they can do that, then they have a chance of handing the Falcons their first loss of the season.

If the Falcons want to continue their winning ways, then they are going to have to force Vick to make quick decisions and force turnovers.  If they can do this, then Matt Ryan and his team will continue to win and move to 7-0.

Notes: Every game for the Eagles has been decided by no more than 3 points except for one.  They are 5 points away from being 0-6 this year. 

The Falcons are coming off three straight games decided by 7 points or less.

The Eagles have won 7 of the last 9 meetings with Atlanta winning the last meeting.