You know his name. You've heard the story. But you don't know the man that is Dez Bryant. He wears No. 88. It's the same number Drew Pearson wore. It's also the same number Michael Irvin wore. But, wearing a number that a Dallas Cowboy legend wore doesn't guarantee success. It only adds fuel to the fire.

The fire is Dez Bryant. The fuel is whatever drives him. If you ever get a chance to see Dez Bryant touch a football, you are in for a treat. He plays like there is not a next play. Every time he touches the ball, it's as though he believes it's the 4th quarter and he's down by a touchdown with zero seconds on the clock. His mission is to get into the end zone even if it means he gets there with only one leg. That is how every fan wants the players of their favorite team to play.

Say what you want to say about Dez Bryant, but don't ever say he doesn't give 100% on the football field. Ok, maybe he should just drop to the ground when someone from the other team is holding onto his leg and is being dragged. Maybe Dez Bryant shouldn't try to spin out of a tackle that is inevitable. My point is that he gives it his all on the football field.

Who's to say he doesn't give it his all in his personal life. He does it for Tony Romo. He also does it for his mother too but sometimes things don't always go as planned just like on the football field.

Dez Bryant can't make every catch and the Cowboys can't win every game. He can't always please his mother or every Cowboys fan but there is one thing for sure that we can count on. He always plays with heart but it's the hearts he plays with that matter the most.