Let’s see... The Broncos improved their passing game with the addition of Wes Welker to the receiving corps. San Diego added Dwight Freeney to improve the pass rush.

Oakland added Matt Flynn, hoping he can be Rich Gannon. The Kansas City Chiefs added a whole bunch of parts to a machine that needed some fine tuning.

Now, we are going to see how the AFC West is won.

Gone are the days of John Elway, Jim Plunkett, Bill Kenney and or course, Dan Fouts. Now, names like Manning and Smith and Flynn and some guy named Rivers are carrying the load for the four teams that always beat the hell out of each other in the AFC.

And this season looks no different. While Denver is the best of the lot, San Diego and Kansas City will be improved and the Raiders will be looking for a new head coach at the end of the season.

This is still a division loaded with talent and hope. The defenses may not be what they used to, but the offenses could all be explosive - or better than they were last season.

The one thing all four teams must deal with early on, is injuries. If a star player like Peyton Manning or Jamaal Charles or even Dwight Freeney goes down with a major injury, the hopes and dreams of a Super Bowl trip will be stranded.

Injuries are a part of this game, but in this division especially, one setback by one team could mean the difference in eight wins and four.

Here are 10 players this division cannot afford to lose this year.