The 5 Luckiest Plays In Super Bowl History

By Brandt Frye
February 01, 2013 1:57 pm
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It is Super Bowl season, and I am counting down the top five luckiest plays in Super Bowl history.

Luck is an important part of sports. No matter what, luck is needed to win any game in most every sport, especially an NFL Super Bowl.

I have judged the amount of luck on one basic principle: If you asked each team and the players involved to repeat the same play 10 times, how many times would they get the same result? And using this hypothesis, it was pretty simple to come up with the five luckiest plays of Super Bowl history.

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By Brandt Frye
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18 months ago
Good choices, hard to argue. Dyson was the primary receiver, but he ran his route short. Somewhat ironically, Reggie Wayne did the same thing against New Orleans, leading to a pick-6 and putting the Colts away for good.

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