The 5 Best Teams That Didn't Win The Super Bowl

By Brandt Frye
January 30, 2013 9:04 am
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It's Super Bowl season, and I'm counting down the top five teams to never won the big game.

One interesting thing about this list? There are a lot of teams worthy of this title that didn't even make the Super Bowl. This presents an interesting question: When making this list, should teams be penalized if they didn't make it to the big game?

Don't worry, you don't have to decide. I have already crunched the numbers for you.

There have been many great Super Bowl teams in NFL history, but what about those teams that came up just short? In this slide show, I'll give you the five best NFL teams that didn't take home the Lombardi Trophy.

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By Brandt Frye
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2 years ago
Brandt-that's a good list, but I would be tempted to replace the '90 Bills with my '84 Dolphins. That Dolphins Team had it all-great offense, very good defense, good special teams, and a great head coach. We had a very balanced offense with good running backs (OVER 1900 YDS. rushing and another near 700 receiving) and a great passing attack with over 5000 yds. We scored 215 more points than we gave up, and we crushed the only Team that was able to beat the Niners in '84-the Steelers. And we beat them in Pitts. in the Reg. season. Pitts., by the way beat the Niners in S.F. One other note-the Dolphins hung the worst loss of the year on the Bills in the '90 Reg. season game (30-7). We probably should have beaten them in that '90 PO game, but Marino decided to play 1 of his worst games of the year. Come to think of it, the '84 S.B. game was his worst game of the year (66.9 Passer Rating).
2 years ago

After reviewing that '90 PO game, it was more like Kelly and his K-gun did us in by putting 44 on the board. Although Marino did have 12 better games than the PO loss.
2 years ago

Bob, I agree with your points about the '84 Dolphins. But I couldn't replace the 1990 Bills for them. I could be persuaded to take out the 1998 Vikings for your Fins, however.
2 years ago
I think the 1971 Vikings with the Purple People Eaters should have easily beaten the Chiefs.The 1968 Colts even though Namath called an excellent game.The 2000 Titans had a better defensive team and kept Warner and the Greatest Show on Turf in check most of the game.If only the offense had showed up??? The 1990 Bills were totally way better than the Giants they just could not generate any kind of consistent offense that they destroyed teams with during the playoffs.And finally the 2001 Ravens over the Giants.Ravens had an awesome defense but next to no offense(in my opinion Trent Dilfer had to be one of the worst QB'S ever to make and win a Super Bowl.In that aspect,that season defense did win a championship.
2 years ago

I agree with most of what you said, John. I can't put the 2000 G-Men in there, though. One win (41-0 vs. Vikings in NFC Championship) doesn't do it for me. Plus, the loss to a team with below average QB play, like you said.

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