We often consume ourselves with winners; the teams, players, and coaches who tend to come out on top. We can't help it! We love winners, and we do our best to forget about the losers. That's why it is often said that, "Nobody remembers second place."

Most times the excuse given is that jobs and careers depend on the success of your teams. That also holds true in life. In most job markets, your success as an individual or company, speak volumes toward your longevity.

In America, failure is not an option. So we tend not to dwell on those who do fail. We stay away from them, their bad luck, and misfortune.

Well, today we won't be doing that. We'll dedicate this time to looking at the worst college football teams 0f 2012.

For me, this was an interesting assignment. It would be too easy to look at those with the worst records and list them accordingly, but I put my own twist on it. I wanted to look at those who had promise, high hopes, and reputations put on the line every time they touched the field.