The 10 Worst College Football Teams Of 2012

By Chris Quest
December 11, 2012 3:29 pm
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We often consume ourselves with winners; the teams, players, and coaches who tend to come out on top. We can't help it! We love winners, and we do our best to forget about the losers. That's why it is often said that, "Nobody remembers second place."

Most times the excuse given is that jobs and careers depend on the success of your teams. That also holds true in life. In most job markets, your success as an individual or company, speak volumes toward your longevity.

In America, failure is not an option. So we tend not to dwell on those who do fail. We stay away from them, their bad luck, and misfortune.

Well, today we won't be doing that. We'll dedicate this time to looking at the worst college football teams 0f 2012.

For me, this was an interesting assignment. It would be too easy to look at those with the worst records and list them accordingly, but I put my own twist on it. I wanted to look at those who had promise, high hopes, and reputations put on the line every time they touched the field.

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By Chris Quest
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2 years ago
Thank God my alma mater didn't make the list.
2 years ago
I still bleed blue and orange. #Auburn
2 years ago
I agree with all these teams. I feel bad for both Auburn and Arkansas though. No SEC team should fall like that. Hopefully, all these teams take the off season very serious and get their programs back on a winning track.
2 years ago
To be honest, there's no hope for some of these teams.
2 years ago
Some of this was quite funny! I was ashamed to see so many SEC teams on this list but you stated you hold them to a higher standard as you should! Maybe they will make a comeback because losing to sunbelt teams is just disgraceful.
2 years ago
This list begins and end with Colorado. They lost at home to Sacramento State. How did they not even make the list? C'mon.
2 years ago

I don't know if you read the intro, but as I said, my list was comprised of teams who had shown some sort of promise prior to this season(aside from the two teams that didnt win ANY games). I don't think anybody expected Colorado to be any better than they've been the last couple of seasons. I mean, both teams that'll play in this year's BCS championship (Notre Dame and Alabama) won more games this season than Colorado has won in the last 3 seasons! So again, although their overall record met the criteria, that wasn't my primary focus in this article.
2 years ago
The Tennessee VOLUNTEERS?! HUH?!

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