From movie parodies to music videos, the best commercials engage us, make us laugh and even make us cry. And they have become as big a part of the Super Bowl as the game itself. With the cost of a 30 second spot averaging around $4 million advertisers more than ever need to bring their A-game.

The result of such huge financial investments over the years has resulted in some of the best 30 seconds of television advertising the planet has ever seen?

You could sit for hours and debate which commercials were the greatest of all time. Falling outside the top 10 but worth a mention are Coca Cola’s heartwarming spot “Mean Joe Greene”, Diet Pepsi’s “Apartment 10G” featuring Michael J. Fox along with an awesome Eighties soundtrack, and Apple’s cinematic rip-off of 1984 directed by Ridley Scott.

So what made the top 10? I can tell you now there are none of those creepy talking babies.