The 10 Greatest Players In Super Bowl History

By Brandon Houser
January 24, 2013 8:30 am
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Throughout the years of the Super Bowl there have been many players to show up in the biggest game that they will ever play in.

Some players are even fortunate enough to get to play in multiple Super Bowls due to the balance that is stored year after year on their respective teams.

Teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the San Francisco 49ers have even been fortunate enough to have multiple players at different positions shine on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are ten of the greatest players ever to play in the Super Bowl and an honorable mention leading up to Super Bowl 47.

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By Brandon Houser
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2 years ago
Brandon-good article. You should have Steve Young in there somewhere. If any QB can tie or beat his S.B. Record of 6 TD Passes, they will virtually guarantee their Team a Ring. That's how big of an accomplishment that was.
2 years ago

Keep your jets cool Mr. Smith that article will be out later my friend. Thank you for reading and all the comments you have left me through my other articles also.
2 years ago
I need to correct myself.....Elway was 2-3 in Super Bowls and Warner was 1-2 win Super Bowl wins not 1-3. Please Excuse my errors.
2 years ago
how come no defensive players? there sure were some good ones, namely Chuck Howley of the Cowboys only player to win MVP on a losing team!
2 years ago

Thanks for reading. It was difficult choosing the 10 players I did. This should have been a top 15 or 20 to be honest with you.
2 years ago

Mario-think about that concept though-MVP even though he was on the losing team. So are we to think-I guess they would have lost by more if they wouldn't have had Chuck Howley. I prefer to honor a guy from the winning team-after all-they won the game.
2 years ago
I see your point but the stats make mine: Howley had more tackles and turnovers than Lewis and basically dominated, unfortunately his TEAM lost where the Ravens were just a better team overall
2 years ago

If you win an MVP on a losing team tells me that tells me that politics is behind that award.
2 years ago
Did u even see that game? I seriously doubt it cause if u had, you'd see there was no better player on the field, the Colts were horrible the only reason they won was a lucky pass to John Mackey and the terrible passing of QB Craig Morton of the Cowboys, it was a no brainer to give the MVP to Howley
2 years ago

He might have been the best Cowboys player on the field that day, but somebody still scored to win the game. That alone is worthy of an MVP against the Defense Dallas had.

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