The 10 Greatest Football Names of All Time

By David Guidera
January 31, 2013 12:17 pm
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Sorry Bronislau “Bronko” Nagurski, Dick “Night Train” Lane and even Byron “Bam” Morris: nicknames that didn’t make the birth certificate don’t make the list.

My inspiration? Buster Rhymes. Yes, the Oklahoma Sooners produced a wide receiver who flashed for the Minnesota Vikings (1985-86) named George "Buster" Rhymes. His name doesn’t deserve mention for its contribution to football, rather for its contribution to hip hop as the namesake for the legendary Busta Rhymes.

If you can’t win a bet or two at your Super Bowl party armed with that useful anecdote that’s a “you problem.” Try dropping a couple of these names while you’re at it…the ladies will love it.

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By David Guidera
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2 years ago
A very nice play of words there David. Well done! Sounds like Characters in a western flick.
2 years ago

Thanks Seth. There's got to be some names I missed too, so I hope people have suggestions.
2 years ago
Honorable mention : Michael Stonebreaker. Great name for a linebacker. Played for the Bears in 1991.
2 years ago

Nice one!
2 years ago
...and they even named a state after Joe Montana.
2 years ago
Another honorable mention: Ryan Longwell. Born to be a kicker.
2 years ago
Good stuff, David, but I think you dropped the ball by omitting Detroit Lion and Rams' QB Chuck Long.
2 years ago

Oh man that is a good one. That might be the greatest quarterback name of all time.

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