Want proof that the English love a bit of Football? Well myself and 83,000 others filled Wembley Stadium to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars play, that is commitment to the game right there.

Granted, the team playing against them was the San Francisco 49ers which makes the prospect of spending a cold, rainy October night outside a little more bearable.

But I should really stop hating on the Jaguars, don't let the 42-10 scoreline fool you, they played well against a strong 49ers squad.

Chad Henne had a mistake-free game and completed some nice passes that anyone with the surname Manning would be proud of throwing.

This article isn't a match report though, this is more of a thank you/appreciation for the spectacle that is the NFL playing games over here in England. The demand is clear, with both games this year topping 83,000 attendees each.

Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to expand the International Series to three games next year has gone down a storm, especially sending teams with the caliber of the Cowboys, Lions and Falcons.

The atmosphere at the past two games has been excellent, I don't have any personal experience of watching a NFL game from the stands in America to compare it to, but I've watched soccer games in Wembley before, actually a cup final which you'd think would be a better atmosphere considering that us English love our soccer, but no, the NFL crowd just seemed to be louder and more excitable. 

They genuinely felt like home games for the Vikings and Jaguars, cheering anytime they would get a first down, booing the other team when they were on offense, and the cheer that accompanied Adrian Peterson’s arrival against the Steelers was something that will stay with me forever (cliché alert).    

The variety of different jerseys on display was something that showed how football has picked up new fans over the years. Bettis, Romo, Manning, Montana, Payton, Roethlisberger, Tebow, Revis, Rodgers, Tomlinson, Strahan. It appeared that every team had at least one representative in the Wembley crowd.

So thank you again to the NFL and the commissioner from everyone in the UK and Europe who attended the International Series this year. Come back more often. We love it.