It was not too long ago when when Collin Klein was considered the front-runner for the Heisman while Kansas State was blowing through the season unbeaten. But after a 52-24 upset against the Baylor Bears and Johnny Manziel putting up a great performance, Klien seems to have drop down on the Radar for top Heisman candidate.

Also, this weeks match up has a lot riding on it, if K-State can hold off Texas they will receive a BCS bid. If they can find a way to come out on top we will most likely be seeing them in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

1. Collin Klein makes a final Heisman push - This can be considered Collin's lucky weekend, he is the only Heisman contender in action so he will have the last chance to push the voters towards his direction. Collin comes out and has a great game with no turnovers to make the voters think think for a awhile if they should vote Collin or Johnny Football.

I'm not sure if he can quite do enough at this point to make him this years Heisman winner, but he will make people reconsider their vote. Klein so far on the year has thrown for 2,306 yards, 14 TD, 6 INT, with a completion percentage of 66%. He has rushed for 787 yards, and 20 TD. If you're not even considering Klein for the Heisman, you will be after this game.

2. Kansas State holds Texas to under 20 points - Kansas State defense has been great all year ranking 20th overall in points allowed giving up only 20.8 points a game with only 5 opponents scoring more than 20 on them all year. To go a long with this the Texas Longhorns have name McCoy was named the starter for this game after David Aash went down with an injury late last game. McCoy has had limited action with only 408 yards passing, 4 TD, and 1 INT. The Junior will have to play a big game to keep this one close for the Longhorns. I see McCoy throwing 2-3 interceptions that help lead to a Kansas State victory and will lead to Texas scoring under 20 points.

3. Kansas State Wins and gets the BCS bid - Kansas State sitting at 10-1 on the year ranked number 6th in the nation are looking to get a BCS bid with a win Saturday. With a win K-State can receive a BCS title bid and will most likely play in thee Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. Kansas State comes out and dominates on both sides of the ball and gets the win 28-13 and they get the BCS bid.