The Good

The A&M Offense

Let me just preface this article by saying at about 10:20 Saturday morning I e-mailed my good buddy Matt who also is as big a college football fan as I am stating Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M would beat Alabama outright.  I still have the text if you think I’m lying. Manziel has been the most exciting freshman at any position in college football in a very long time.

Saturday he had to play flawless in order for A&M to win. And flawless he was. Manziel threw 2 TD’s, ran for 92 YDS, passed for 253 YDS and completed 77% of his passes.  Eleven of those passes were thrown to WR Ryan Swope who totaled 111 YDS and 1 TD. Swope seemed to catch every pass thrown his way and helped convert several critical 3rd downs. Kudos to the A&M offensive line allowing only 3 sacks to an Alabama defense ranked among the best in the country.

The A&M Defense

The A&M defense punched the Alabama offense in the mouth and did not quit. They allowed over 120 YDS rushing and over 300 YDS of offense but came up big intercepting AJ McCarron (who until Saturday did not throw and interception all season) twice. The last interception in the end zone proved to save the game because an Alabama TD would have given the Tide a 31-29 lead.

The Bad

AJ McCarron has been flawless all season. He won the LSU game last week with clutch throws in the 4th quarter. His last interception in the end zone was bad because it cost the Tide a chance at putting points on the board. Even a field goal would have bought them within 2 points of the lead with 1:36 left and 3 time outs remaining.

The Ugly

We all know the offside’s play on the kickoff giving A&M the first down and effectively ending the game is the ugly here. That one play and one play only didn’t cost Alabama the game. There is no guarantee, even when the Tide got the ball back, they were going to score. The second McCarron interception was the play that in reality sealed Alabama’s fate.

The ugly here is the harassment and death threats the Alabama player (I’m not even going to mention his name) is going to get.  Professional football players that make millions and play this sport for a living deserve scrutiny from the media and fans. A 19 year old kid AMATURE who is on a scholarship does not deserve the harassment he is going to get by so called fans (many bitter that they aren’t as athletically gifted to play this game) who should know better to harass this kid who made a mistake that he is going to have to live with for the rest of his life.