Bad news Auburn fans… Cam Newton is not walking through the door to save a miserable season. 

It seems like the 2010 national title run was about 50 years ago.  Tigers coach Gene Chizik is enduring his worst season ever as the Auburn coach because the Tigers cannot put a complete game together.   The Tigers offense ranks 122nd in the nation and averages 15 points per game.  Now they face a Texas A&M team fresh off a tough loss and looking to bounce back. 

Again, bad news for the Auburn fans.

Bold Prediction #1: Johnny Manziel will continue to wow us!

As a high school senior, redshirt freshman, Johnny Manziel scored 77 touchdowns in one season. 

One season!

As an Aggie, Manziel has thrown for 1,956 yards and leads the team in rushing with 706 yards.  This kid can do it all and is the reason why Texas A&M almost knocked off LSU last week.  He made some costly mistakes against the nation’s third ranked defense, but I can guarantee this, he won’t make them again. 

The Auburn Tigers defense can’t even be compared to LSU defense as Auburn’s defense ranks dead last in the SEC giving up over 400 total yards per game.  Look for Manziel and the Aggies offense to really explode for some huge numbers. 

Manziel stat line: 15 carries for 137 yards, two touchdowns. 18 for 27 244 yards and two touchdowns. 

Bold Prediction #2: Defensive End Damontre Moore will go in BEAST mode!

Auburn’s offense is terrible.  They only average 277 yards per game.  But what is worst is that their offensive line has given up 24 sacks.  That would be the sixth-most in the country.  What makes matters worse is that Damontre Moore leads the nation with 9 ½ sacks and 17 tackles for loss.  In other words, whoever is the Auburn quarterback this Saturday, better run for his life, as he will be harassed all game long. 

Moore stat line: Four sacks. 

Bold Prediction #3: Aggies roll… and they roll big.

Johnny Manziel is second in the SEC in rushing and passing yards per game.  The Aggies has a very talented defense that really gets after the quarterback.  Auburn is still searching for answers on offense and their defense can’t stop ANYBODY.  This is the type of game that Texas A&M needs to shake off last’s week tough loss.  What cures the sickness of losing?

Playing Auburn. 

Final Score: Texas A&M 42 Auburn 10