By Steve Shackelford
Cold, Hard, Football Facts AFC South Beat Reporter

Oh, how the temporarily mighty have fallen to second place. Although the Houston Texans hold the top spot in the AFC South, they are no longer kings of our Quality Stats Power Rankings. Following Week 3, the Atlanta Falcons now reign supreme. Only two games occur this week in the AFC South due to the Colts' bye week and a tasty divisional matchup between Houston and Tennessee,

Here's 5 things to look for in Week 4

Maurice Jones-Drew could repeat impressive performance

Taking on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 3, Maurice Jones-Drew sent a reminder to the rest of the NFL that he is still a dangerous weapon. Carrying the ball 28 times against the No. 21-ranked Colts defense, Jones-Drew amassed an impressive 177 yards - a vast improvement from Week 2.  In Week 2, Jones-Drew carried the ball 12 times for 60 yards. Welcoming the Cincinnati Bengals to town in Week 4, the Jaguars might be primed for another big day from Jones-Drew. Cincinnati's defense (22) could give up as many rushing yards as the Colts, but the Jaguars probably wont come away with a win.

Tennessee Titans: no shot of scoring 41 points on the Houston Texans

In a Week 3 overtime game against the Detroit Lions, the Tennessee Titans didn't come away with a win, but manged to put up 41 points. Lighting up the scoreboard hasn't been easy for the Titans so far in 2012. In the first two weeks of the season, Tennessee put up only 23 points total. Facing off against a ferocious Texans defense might prove to be difficult for Tennessee in Week 3. Don't look for the Titans to get a win in Week 4.  

J.J. Watt will ruin Tennessee's impressive sacks-allowed total

The Houston Texans are sporting possibly the best defensive player in football right now: J.J. Watt.  Week 4 will be an interesting test for Watt and the Tennessee Titans offensive line.  So far, the Titans are providing tremendous protection for Locker, allowing zero sacks in the last two games, and only one on the season.  Watt is a force to be reckoned with and Locker will likely find himself on his back at least twice at the hands of Watt in Week 4.

Andy Dalton will tear Jacksonville's defense to shreds

Through Week 3, Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals are second in the league when it comes to Real Passing Yards per Attempt. Unfortunately for the Jaguars, they don't fare so well against quarterbacks. The Jaguars find themselves ranked No. 22 overall in Defense Real Passing Yards per Attempt. Jacksonville is in for long day when the Cincinnati circus comes to town this weekend.  

Real referees are back for Week 4

This week was filled with referee controversy after the Fail Mary ruling on Monday Night Football.  According to reports, the NFL and referees have reached an agreement to bring everybody back to work by this weekend. Hallelujah.