The Houston Texans (7-3) continued Sunday to add wins to its best record in franchise history, while further taking wind out of the sails of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-5). As expected, this game was not even close and Houston easily won 37-9. With the victory, Houston maintained an edge over the 7-3 Steelers for top seed in the AFC.

Houston started the game with an 80-yard touchdown pass from Matt Schaub to Jacoby Jones on the first play from scrimmage and never lost the lead, scoring four more touchdowns and a field goal before the game’s finish. Tampa Bay scored one field goal to end the first half and only one touchdown, in the early minutes of the fourth quarter.

The key players of this game were Houston’s three rushers, Arian Foster, Ben Tate, and Derrick Ward. Their 183 rushing yards is the statistic that best shows how Houston won the game and how Tampa Bay lost it. Foster had 84 rushing yards, 102 receiving yards, and both a rushing and receiving touchdown. Tate had 63 rushing yards and a touchdown, while Ward had 36 rushing yards with a touchdown.

Houston’s running game has been hot as of late, and shows no signs of slowing down even with a bye week upcoming. The players that came up short in this game were the whole Tampa Bay team. The team as a whole gave up four turnovers, Josh Freeman passed for only 170 yards while giving up three interceptions, LeGarrette Blount only rushed for 34 yards, and the defense allowed 183 rushing yards and 242 passing yards.

With this win, Houston continues to widen its lead in the AFC South, and now the team gets a week off before bringing their running game and Andre Johnson to Jacksonville to face the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. With this loss, Tampa Bay continues to sink further into the hole of despair and further down in the NFC South standings. As if things were not bad enough next week Tampa Bay will travel to Green Bay to play the defending world champions, Green Bay Packers. Unless a miracle occurs over the course of this week the Tampa Bay will probably lose to Green Bay by a even bigger margin then they lost by today.