By Kennedy Ross
Cold, Hard Football Facts AFC East Overlord (@FNscribeNY)

Payback is a bitch.

But it's not very likely this week in New England. The Patriots have just about everything going for them in this rematch of two of the AFC's top teams.

Extra time off.

With the bye week they received with the help of the Texans going into the tank at the end of the season, the Patriots have had time to let some of their key players get healthy. The most key of them all being All Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski and his broken forearm.

Recent history.

The last time these two teams met it was also in Gillette Stadium. The Patriots came out with guns blazing and the Texans could never recover.

The final score was 42-14. Those 14 points by the Texans came in the third and fourth quarters with them struggling for life. The Patriots dropped their last 14 points in the fourth quarter, basically saying it was pointless to struggle.


The Patriots are coming into the playoffs like they usually do, strong and dangerous. They have lost only one game after their bye week back in Week 9. That loss was to the rugged San Francisco 49ers. Even in that game they mounted a (real) comeback attempt that fell short.

The Texans have lost three of their last four regular season games, dropping them from the first to the third seed in the playoffs. They also struggled mightily last week against the Cincinnati Bengals 19-13. Although the Bengals are no longer a push over as in years past, and are an up and coming team, it should not have been that close of a contest. 

Not even worried about over confidence.

How can you ever be over confident with the Dark Lord of the Sith presiding over you. Bill Belichick has never coached a team that was too cocky or sure of themselves. It must be that "you're not there yet" message that keeps his teams hungry. And they already know how good Texan BBQ tastes.