THE GOOD: Houston's Offense

The Texans scored just one touchdown in Saturday's game, but scored on five different possessions. That tells us that Houston moved the ball consistently all day, and stuck to its game plan: giving the ball to #23.  Arian Foster ran for 140 yards on 32 carries, and scored the only offensive touchdown in the game.  He also added eight grabs for 34 yards.

While Matt Schaub wasn't overly impressive, he was certainly good enough, playing an efficient game.  Schaub completed 29 of his 38 passes for 268 yards.  Matt did throw a pick-six, which is the only reason this game was close at all.  But Schaub proved his worth in the clutch.  He made a lot of good decisions, and 13 of his completions went for first downs.  He also completed a game-sealing pass to Garrett Graham on 3rd down.  

The Houston Texans got back to doing exactly what they do on Saturday.  If the Texans execute their offense going forward, no one will stop them.  That includes the New England Patriots.


THE BAD: Cincinnati's Defense

The Houston Texans didn't run all over the Bengals, but they were extremely effective.  Cincinnati allowed 159 rushing yards on 39 carries by Houston.  It doesn't sound that bad on paper.  But the Bengals allowed the Texans to dictate everything when they were on offense.  The only thing the Bengals did well was prevent touchdowns.  Had the Texans been able to catch a few more breaks, we'd be having an entirely different conversation.  

While the Cincinnati Bengals didn't get embarrassed defensively on Saturday, they didn't play well enough to win.  Cincy knew what the Texans were going to do, and did nothing to prevent it.  This type of play just isn't going to get it done in the postseason.


THE UGLY: Andy Dalton

Wow.  On Saturday, Bengals' QB Andy Dalton was 14-30 for 127 yards with an interception.  If that doesn't sound bad enough, take a deep breath.  Dalton had just three yards passing at halftime, and finished the game with a passer rating of just 44.7.  

Dalton's performance Saturday was absolutely disgusting.  He let both his fans and football fans in general down.  It is beyond me how someone could be as unprepared and uncomfortable as Andy Dalton was against Houston.  The Bengals should be concerned, not only about this loss, but for Dalton's long-term future.