The top five teams in the Cold, Hard Football Facts Quality Stats Power Rankings remained in the exact spot they occupied one week ago. 

It's been nearly five years since the top five remained completely unchanged—Week 15 of 2007 to be precise. 

It's absolutely mind-boggling how completely calm it stayed at the top despite the utter chaos that surrounded the NFL in Week 11. 

How chaotic, you ask? One lengthy sentence should sum it up sufficiently. Here goes...

The Jacksonville Jaguars fell to 1-9 despite their backup QB (Chad Henne) throwing for 354 yards and four TDs against the Texans, while the Falcons advanced to 9-1 despite Matt Ryan throwing five interceptions and no touchdowns.  

So, yeah, kick that one around for awhile. 

1. Houston Texans (9-1) - The defense gave ground and the offense took some. Houston dropped from No. 2 to No. 7 in Defensive Passer Rating but leaped from No. 12 to No. 7 in Offensive Passer Rating. Matt Schaub's final line in the Texans 43-37 OT thriller: 43 for 55, 527 yards, five TDs, two interceptions.  

2. Denver Broncos (7-3) - Peyton Manning threw three TD passes for the sixth time in 2012 in a 30-23 win over the Chargers. The 15-year vet hasn't done that more than eight times in any one season. 

3. San Francisco 49ers (7-2-1) - Aldon Smith set a Monday Night Football record with 5 1/2 sacks in SF's 32-7 romp over the Bears. The Niners jumped to No. 1 in Bendability and The Relativity Index. Colin Kaepernick finished with a passer rating of 133.1 in place of the injured Alex Smith.  

4. Green Bay Packers (7-3) - The Packers are without numerous key starters and still disposing of the opposition week after week. It should be noted that none of their past four wins came against Quality Teams. Four of their final six games feature teams of such caliber, however. 

5. Atlanta Falcons (9-1) - Matty Ice became the first QB since Bart Starr in 1967 to throw five picks and no TDs in a win. It would've been more impressive had he not done it against the Cardinals, though. Atlanta fell from No. 3 to No. 8 in OPR and No. 2 to No. 8 in Real Quarterback Rating

6. New England Patriots (7-3) - The Pats used 35 second-half points to send Andrew Luck and the Colts home 59-24 losers. Luck threw three picks, two of which were returned for TDs. New England moved up three spots to No. 2 in Scoreability

7. Baltimore Ravens (8-2) - There's no better way to assert AFC North dominance than to mark your territory at Heinz Field on Sunday Night Football. Baltimore moved up from No. 6 to No. 3 in Bendability after its 13-10 Week 11 win over the Steelers. 

8. Seattle Seahawks (6-4) - Seattle is 5-0 at home, but 1-4 on the road. With three of its next four away from CenturyLink Field, it's time to find out if these 'Hawks are legitimate or not. 

9. Chicago Bears (7-3) - Chicago falls to 1-3 against Quality Opponents in 2012. Facing four more in the next month, it better fix the offense quick. Sitting at No. 31 in Real Passing Yards per Attempt and No. 30 in QBR is bad news bears for any squad. 

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-4) - The Bucs have been tearing teams apart, winning five of their last six. But they aren't good teams, as only one victory came against a Quality Opponent. Consecutive games against the Falcons and Broncos will surely test their mettle. 

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) - Ben Roethlisberger is hurting, Byron Leftwich is hurting, and now Charlie Batch is starting for at least the next game. Man, the Steelers sure are hurting. 

12. New York Giants (6-4) - As if the Giants don't have enough problems with Dallas now breathing down their back, Aaron Rodgers and the red-hot Cheeseheads are coming to town in Week 11. GB is No. 1 in Passer Rating Differential and the Giants are No. 17. I smell trouble. And hot cheese. 

13. Washington Redskins (4-6) - Robert Griffin III finished 14 for 15 with 200 yards passing and two TDs in a 31-6 whitewashing of the Eagles. That amounts to a perfect passer rating of 158.3 for RGIII. Perfect. Like a 300 in bowling kind of perfect. Yikes. 

14. New Orleans Saints (5-5) - Well, these Saints are marching somewhere. Could it be the playoffs? After an 0-4 start? Really? New Orleans jumped seven spots to No. 15 in that all-important Passer Rating Differential in Week 11. 

15. Cincinnati Bengals (5-5) - A trip to Kansas City was just what the Bengals needed to wipe away a three-game losing streak. Now they'll host Oakland before traveling to San Diego with a chance to make this a three-game winning streak. 

16. Dallas Cowboys (5-5) - Dallas, once at 3-5, is now knocking on the door of first place in the NFC East. The Cowboys host Washington on Thanksgiving and Philly in Week 13 with a chance to blow that door off its hinges. Needing OT to beat the Browns at home isn't wowing anyone, though...

17. Arizona Cardinals (4-6) - The Cardinals jumped from No. 8 to No. 2 in Defensive Passer Rating after forcing six Atlanta turnovers on Sunday. If only the offense wasn't as bad as the defense is good. 'Zona is No. 31 in QBR and No. 32 in the Offensive Hog Index

18. Minnesota Vikings (6-4) - Now it gets real for the upstart Vikings. Five of Minnesota's next six matchups are against Quality Opponents, including two each against the Packers and Bears and one against the Texans.

19. Miami Dolphins (4-6) - Miami's season went downhill in a hurry, and they draw the Seahawks, Patriots and 49ers in the next three weeks. The Dolphins are No. 6 in DHI but No. 28 in OHI

20. Carolina Panthers (2-8) - The Panthers jumped four spots in the rankings despite falling to 0-7 against Quality Opponents in 2012. They're now No. 31 in the Quality Standings. Six of Carolina's eight losses have been one-possession games. 

21a. Detroit Lions (4-6) - Five of the Lions six losses have been one-possession games, too. They fall to No. 27 in Defensive Passer Rating after allowing Rodgers to orchestrate a game-winning drive in the final minutes at Ford Field on Sunday. 

21b. San Diego Chargers (4-6) - That was the Chargers chance to get back in the AFC West race. Naturally, they let it slip away. Philip Rivers has 14 INT in 10 games and San Diego is now No. 23 in QBR

23. St. Louis Rams (3-6-1) - Losing to the Jets by 14 points at home is almost worse than losing by 38 to the Patriots in London. The Rams haven't won a game since Week 5 and have fallen from No. 3 to No. 19 in Defensive Passer Rating during that time. 

24. Cleveland Browns (2-8) - The Browns finished the first half up 13-0 in Dallas, but quickly collapsed in an effort keep their chances of next year's No. 1 overall pick intact. Smart move.

25. New York Jets (4-6) - So what if the they went on the road and beat up the Rams. Somebody had to win. The Jets are still one of the NFL's biggest embarrassments. New England will issue them a friendly reminder in Week 12. 

26. Buffalo Bills (4-6) - The Dolphins, Jets and Bills are stuck in a three-way tie for second place in the AFC East. In other words, they're all tied for last place in the AFC East. No one is catching the Pats now, especially Buffalo. 

27. Indianapolis Colts (6-4) - The Colts can recover quickly if they take advantage of drawing the Bills, Lions and Titans in the next three weeks. Indy is No. 31 in Passer Rating Differential, though. Not a promising sign. 

28. Tennessee Titans (4-6) - The Titans are yet another 4-6 AFC team in the process of going nowhere. Tennessee is surprisingly No. 2 in Offensive Hog Index, but No. 31 in Defensive Hog Index

29. Philadelphia Eagles (3-7) - The Eagles landed here from the No. 23 spot after flopping against the Redskins. Philly dropped nine spots to No. 30 in Passer Rating Differential and ten spots to No. 24 in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating

30. Oakland Raiders (3-7) - The Raiders are allowing 45 points per game over the last three weeks—all losses. Oakland is now No. 32 in Bendability and Defensive Hog Index

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9) - The Jags have lost seven straight and just benched Blaine Gabbert in favor of Chad Henne. The move sparked Justin Blackmon, who finished with 236 yards and a TD catch. See, it's not all bad. 

32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-9) - Which QB will the KC take with the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NFL draft? It'd be a miracle if the Chiefs win another game this season, so I fully expect to have an answer for that question come April.