As you probably know, the NFL is just entering Week 7, and Pryor and his Oakland Raiders are on a bye. Still, this article will provide you with some food for thought for any possible trades you may or may not want to make concerning Terrelle Pryor, as you get ready for Week 8 and beyond.

While we all know Pryor isn't an elite quarterback, he has potential to perform better for his team, but he can get the job done for YOUR team. At times it may seem difficult when deciding to start Pryor because of his inconsistency, yet if your primary quarterback hasn't been performing up-to-par, or is facing a Seattle Seahawks-like defense, don't be afraid to include Pryor in your lineup. He will produce.

Despite his lack of receiving options, Pryor is a player who can easily pass for 200 (or more) yards, a touchdown, and 50 rushing yards in addition, which will quickly rack up fantasy points. However, the detriment to his performance is that he may also be liable throw an interception. For the five games Pryor has played in-- there were only two in which he accumulated below 18 points, against the Jacksonville Jaguars (only his second start), and against the Kansas City Chiefs (with a vigorous pass rushing defense).

Don't be afraid to keep Pryor on stand-by if your quarterback position is not of your standards; one should expect him to perform well against a mediocre defense.