Former Dallas Cowboys wide receivers are everywhere on the free agent market.  Roy Williams, Patrick Crayton, and Terrell Owens are all still available as options for the Cowboys and every other NFL team. 

Williams' best season with the Cowboys occurred in 2009, when he caught seven touchdowns and put up 596 total yards. Crayton caught for 697 total yards and seven touchdowns back in 2007.  Neither player is worth the Cowboys time anymore.  They didn't contribute near enough in their tenure with the Cowboys. 

However, acquiring Terrell Owens makes more sense than the popularity of the sexy librarian. Owens played three season with the Cowboys, from 2006-2008.  Owens caught passes for 3,587 yards and scored 38 touchdowns during his time in Dallas.

Owens came to be seen as a locker room distraction at the time of his departure, but a year spent wrangling around looking for teams likely humbled the unemployed receiver. In Owens, the Cowboys have a perfect solution for the hole left in the Cowboys receiving corps with the exit of Laurent Robinson.  Robinson developed a strong rapport with Romo last season, scoring 11 touchdowns in 2011.  

A double digit touchdown season isn't what lies ahead for Crayton or Williams.  Owens is what this Cowboys team desperately needs.  Owens always knows his routes and never shows up to camp out of shape, two major criticisms for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant.  Although Owens has been a locker room cancer in the past, only Tony Romo is "his quarterback."

Romo and Owens helped put together the Cowboys 13-3 season in 2007, their best effort in the Romo era by far.  Head coach Jason Garrett needs a receiver that knows his routes, possesses playoff and Super Bowl experience, and is hungry. 

Owens is hungry for a contract and hungry to win. He's exactly what the Cowboys need.