Terrell Owens is akin to a dumpster fire. Just when you thought Owens had hit rock bottom, the former wide receiver/diva/sociopath managed to throw more gasoline on the fire that is his life. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that a woman is trying to sell photos that show Owens making lewd gestures during a Skype conversation he had with her.

Naturally, Owens is claiming he's the victim here, alleging that the woman in question is trying to extort money from him, yet all this incident proves is that the 38-year-old Owens is still a mistake waiting to happen.

Some fans may feel sorry for Owens or even think he deserves another shot in the NFL, but he doesn't. 

Owens has, is, and probably forever will be a pariah to anyone that crosses paths with him. 

This is the guy that pushed the great Jerry Rice out of San Francisco. This is the guy that spread false rumors that his former quarterback Jeff Garcia was a homosexual. This is the guy who earned a season-long suspension for feuding with Eagles coach Andy Reid.  This is the guy who accused Dallas quarterback Tony Romo of sabotaging his career with the Cowboys.

And anyone that still thinks Owens deserves another chance because of some amazing athletic gift is sorely mistaken. His surgically-repaired knee couldn’t even keep him from being cut from an Indoor Football League team. In fact, Owens’ legacy in pro football is so bad every 49er that’s worn his jersey number (#81) has flamed out. 

Yes, I’m talking to you Rashaun Woods, Antonio Bryant, Brandon Williams, Brandon Jones, and Braylon Edwards. 

Still, Owens’ transgressions in the realm of football aren't even his worst offense, look at the misery he's caused the women and children in his life.

He fathered four children from four different women during a football career that paid him over $80 million, yet he recently stated on the Dr. Phil show that he's so broke, he cannot afford child support payments. How’s that for irresponsible?

Go to any football forum, and there’s always that one Owens apologist that has ‘their popcorn’ ready, eagerly awaiting his return, but at this point they may be better served by dumping their popcorn into a dumpster fire, and that’s the stinking truth.