LaneFrom 1990 to 2008, Tennessee won three SEC Championships and a National Title.  Heck, from 1995 to 1998 the Vols went 45-5, winning 90% of their games.  Only Nebraska had a better for year run in the 1990s going 49-2 from 1994 to 1998 and if you could 1993 Nebraska went 60-3 in a five year span, but back to the Vols now.

Was it really worth firing Phillip Fulmer after the 2008 season?  Was it worth putting the Vols back 10 years?  Four coaches in five years is sick.

1. Look for the Vols to run first.
With the running back tandem of Marlin Lane and Rajion Neal, look for the Vols to run all day.

2. A.J. Johnson will be an All-American
This guy can flat out play.  He was a star last year on a bad defense.

3. Tennessee had one of the hardest road schedules.
The Vols play road games at Oregon, Florida and Alabama.  That’s three losses right there.

4. Joshua Dobbs will challenge Justin Worley for starting QB
Justin Worley has fans questioning him more than believing in him.  Look for incoming freshman Joshua Dobbs to push Worley and get a chance to start.

5. Marquez North will start as a true freshman
The 6’4, 212 pound freshman can step right in at wide receiver.  The Vols need to replace Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle Patterson.  This kid can be dynamic.

6. Butch Jones will retire a Vol, if he's not fired first.
The biggest mistake former Athletic Director, Mike Hamilton did was fire Phillip Fulmer.  The next two biggest mistakes me made was hiring Lane Kiffin, then Derek Dooley.  Mike Hart made the right decision.  Unlike the previous two guys, Butch Jones has a winning record and has won conference titles.  I can see Davis at Tennessee for a long time.  Tennessee fans are impatient, they think that every quarterback needs to be as good as Peyton Manning or they’re a failure.  They also think that just because they won the National Championship in 1998, that they should have won it every season afterwards.  Phillip Fulmer was the victim of his own success.

AJ7. Tennessee will win its 800th game this season
Right now, the Tennessee Volunteers all time win total is 799.  With Tennessee opening the season against FCS member Austin Peay (joke game, this never happened under Fulmer), the Vols should win number 800.

8. Neyland Stadium will not sell out in 2013
It’s been a while since Neyland Stadium sold out every home game in a season.  It used to happen every season.  Last year the Vols had seven home games and only sold out two.  In the other five home games, they stadium had less than 90,000 in each game.  Tennessee lost about a $1 million a game in revenue.  OUCH!!!

9. Tennessee will make a bowl.
That’s not saying much.  Georgia Tech and UCLA have both made bowl games in the past two seasons with 6-7 records.  There are too many bowl games.

10. Tennessee's defense will be A LOT better than on 2012.
How can it get any worse???