After head coach Derrick Dooley was fired, Volunteers have witnessed the first step towards a rebound. Anything besides Dooley could've been an improvement. New head coach, Butch Jones will be more decisive.

With Tyler Bray gone, Jones can concentrate on a more mistake free game. As head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats, Butch Jones used a two quarterback system and a balanced offense with good rushing. Vols' QBs Justin Worley and Nathan Peterman could fit in that same scenario for Jones.

Butch Jones' Bearcat team might have compiled 3,100 yards passing in 2012, but the rushing game had a total of 2,600 yards. This is where Vols running backs Marlin Lane and Rajion Neal fit in to Jones' system.

Remember, Tennessee football was built around running backs such as: Arian Foster, Travis Stephens, Jamal Lewis, Travis Henry, and Johnny Majors.

The young Volunteer defense will need a good ground game for team support. The difference in the 2013 Vols' defense; changing from a 3-4 to a 4-3 will help in certain match ups, defensive lineman Daniel McCullers will be a pivotal player on defense, and Justin Coleman and Eric Gordon will give the Vols more pass coverage.

The Road To 2nd Place In The SEC East:

The Florida Gators will witness a changing of power in the east on September 21st in Gainesville. Tennessee 23, Florida Gators 16.

The Georgia Bulldogs are going to slide past the Vols, but in the following week, Knoxville will be rockin'. The South Carolina Gamecocks will be stunned by the balanced offense of the Vols. Jadeveon Clowney will not be enough to stop the new Volunteer attack. Tennessee 19, South Carolina 17

Before beating Missouri, Auburn, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky, the Tennessee Volunteers will fall short in Tuscaloosa against the Alabama Crimson Tide. This game will be decided on who's the home team-Alabama 23, Tennessee 21

Georgia will end up with zero or one loss in the SEC, the Vols will have two losses and second place. The Florida and South Carolina games will make the difference.

Sweetheart's Stuff 

Stuart, are you delusional? Nothing has even started and you're predicting the finish. THIS IS JULY!

Please use some of your beer money for a new calendar.